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Abu Dhabi Storage Rental

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Abu Dhabi storage rental

Storage isn’t all that complicated, here is your guide to finding the best storage rental companies in Abu Dhabi and more.

What is Abu Dhabi Storage rental?

A person living in Abu Dhabi will need the services of storage rental for many reasons. Perhaps, it could be that you are relocating to a new location. Or you could be an expat who just happened to move into Abu Dhabi. Business owners also benefit immensely from Abhu Dhabu storage rental.

The issue in living in a city that is fast paced is the lack of space. We see customers on the look out for bigger and affordable storage spaces in Abu Dhabi constantly. It is why the storage rental concept is a massive hit amongst our customers. On one hand, it makes your life less complicated and more convenient. On the other it helps ease some of the unnecessary stress and tension off your shoulders. We see this as a massive win. Are you wondering how all of this works? Keep reading and we will tell you how.

Should you rent a storage space in Abu Dhabi?

Before you take the deep dive, the only rational move to make is to first consider whether you truly need this service. After all, it might not be prudent to jump into the bandwagon just because that seems to be what everyone else seems to be doing.

For one, this method is quite convenient. All you will have to do is just decide on what items or belongings you want to keep in storage. You can then decide on how long you want rent out a space. Most companies offering storage rental services are flexible with this aspect. So it all depends on whether you wish to rent out a storage space for a month or a couple of months. You can even decide to cut short the duration if that is your requirement.

What renting a storage space does is that it will help you maximise your current space. You will have more space and you can organise your home accordingly. The space of your storage unit can also be chosen depending on your requirements as you go along. Most companies are equipped to handle any volume where storage units are considered.

This is also a great measure if you are looking for ways to ease your mind. You will know that your items are safe and you can easily organise your space or home as you wish. We see this as a win win eitherway.

Guide to packing your belongings when resorting to Abu Dhabi storage rental services

Packing your belongings plays a major role in getting your items organised for storage. If you fail to get this step right, you might end up losing your belongings or even getting them damaged. Packing your items will help you in creating an inventory of your items. So you will know what exactly went where. It will also add a layer of protection to your belongings.

The main issue with not packing belongings correctly is that you will end up damaging your items. It is possible for dust and moisture to build up as time progresses, so covering them properly prevents this.


Making a list of your items

The first thing you must do is to make a list of the items you want to keep in storage. This way you will know what exactly you are putting in storage. So later on you will not have to run around frantically looking for any items that are missing.

You can later proceed to buy any packing material as required to pack your items together. What is important is to stay organised from the first step. This makes the process a whole lot easier for you

Covering the floor of the storage unit

This step is not mandatory. However, it is possible for moisture and dampness to sweep through the floor. This depends on the storage unit. If you feel like this is a possibility, then you can cover the floor with some canvas or plastic sheets. Your heavy or large items can then be kept on top of it.

Using boxes and pallets

Typically, we would advise you to use boxes made of wood  instead of cardboard boxes. This would be if you are planning to rent a storage space in Abu Dhabi for a considerable period of time. As time progresses, it is possible for cardboard boxes to attract dampness and so will affect your items as well. Wooden boxes on the other hand last for a longer period of time and are strong as well.

What is probably great about wooden boxes is that they can be utilised for a different purpose once you are done keeping them in storage. This is due to their long lasting effect.

At the same time, to add another layer of protection, we strongly urge you to use pellets. What is interesting is that pellets will elevate your boxes and so protect them against unnecessary moisture or dust particles. What they do is that they would add some ventilation upwards. Using pellets will also enable you to move the boxes around at ease. We understand how heavy packed boxes can get.

Taking care of fragile items

Fragile items will need some extra attention and support. They can get easily damaged if they are handled the incorrect way. Use ample bubble wrap, tissue paper or even cushioning so that they cover the edges or parts that can be damaged easily.

Be sure to label any items that are fragile. Because this will help you identify them and handle them accordingly. This way any worries that you might have about having your precious and fragile items get potentially damaged will disappear.

Vacuuming and sealing bags

Vacuuming is a great method to get rid of unnecessary dust particles before you decide to put your items in storage. It will also help you get rid of any moisture if it exists. They are a great method of protecting your items against moisture which can degrade the quality of your items as time progresses.

Avoid plastic covers and bags

Avoid using plastic covering or bags when wrapping your belongings. This is because plastic bags are capable of trapping moisture inside of them easily. Fungus is harmful to your belongings and can cause them to be damaged. This is why you ought to properly wrap them with the help of paper so you keep the moisture from seeping in if at all.

Cleaning electrical equipment and appliances

You will have to clean your electrical items thoroughly before you decide to keep them in storage. Ideally, you could use either bleach or baking soda in order to clean them adequately. These methods are great because they will kill any germs or mould that could build up as they are kept in storage in the longer term. It protects and preserves the quality of your electrical items in the long run.

Abu Dhabi Storage rental and furniture

You can practically store anything in your rented storage space, and that includes furniture. The storage of furniture can be rather complicated because you will have to consider multiple factors. They can be prone to damage if they are not packed and stored the correct way. This is why you might want to retain the services of a professional packer when getting around this job. For instance, you will have to disassemble some components of your furniture as they might be too large to be kept in storage. Here are some noteworthy services that you can expect when you choose to rent out storage spaces to keep furniture.

Inspection of your furniture

Once you retain a storage rental space, the movers will first come to your premises for inspections. They will observe and take note of your furniture to be moved and carefully analyse. They will then take down what items they can use in order to pack your furniture safely and what packing would work on your furniture best. If you are on a tight budget, you can communicate this to them at this point too.

Disassembling your furniture 

As we mentioned before, some pieces of your furniture like beds, large dining tables and couches will have to be disassembled before they are packed. For one it helps preserve the quality and secondly, it prevents them from being damaged as opposed to if they were moved while they were assembled.

This way they could also be moved from one point to another at ease. Specially to the trucks on which they will be transported to the storage facility. Trust us, the very last thing you would want is for any of your furniture to get chipped or damaged. We understand you paid good money to purchase the furniture you might have put a lot of thought to when selecting. It is after all your blood, sweat and tears.

Packing it all

Once we get the disassembling out of the way, the next step is to pack it all to fit the storage unit that you have decided to rent out. Appropriate materials must be used in order to preserve the quality of your furniture and to avoid damage at all costs. Scratches and potentially chipping your furniture can be disheartening. This is why packers and movers use specific and high quality material when they do so. The packed items will also be labelled accordingly, so you will know exactly which is which when you are to reassemble your furniture at a later time.

For instance, mirrors are extremely fragile. Hence they must be carefully wrapped using bubble wrap. wooden panels and furniture parts must be wrapped in a way that they would not get scratched. This can all sound complicated if you were to do it all by yourself. With the help of the professionals who also happen to purchase the correct packing material, this burden will be lifted off your shoulders at ease. Simply, sit back and relax.

Transporting your belongings

The next step is to transport all the furniture that has been packed and is now ready to go. The packers will move your packed furniture from your home to the truck safely, it is after all their responsibility to do so. Furniture can be heavy and large. Yes, even after they have been disassembled. This is why movers will use specific tools in order to move them around safely. They will use tools like straps and gliders. Once the items have been loaded onto the truck, the last step is to have them driven to your desired location safely.

Renting our self storage facilities in Abu Dhabi

Do you find yourself travelling around for leisure frequently? If this is the case, you might be on the hunt for a space to keep your belongings while you are away. Trsut us we understand this can be difficult when you are constantly on the go. Renting out a self storage space might just be the most ideal solution for you. Not only is self storage a more practical approach but it can even serve multiple purposes. From helping you keep your space organised while you relocate to a new place to even storing items you seldom use.

Shared storage rental in Abu Dhabi

We get that not everyone is in a position to rent out an entire storage unit by themselves. This can be the case if you are just entering the country or if you are a student. This is why consolidated storage units might be a great solution for you. You can share the storage unit you are renting and share the cost. Again, this is a great win for everyone. Here is why it is a worthy solution.


As we said before, individuals can have restraints where the budget is concerned. Maybe you are in a position where you are forced to rent a storage space because you lack enough space to maintain an organised space at home. Like for instance if you have additional furniture or a bicycle. Or even if you have a bunch of books or tools that you do not know what to do with them. Since you might have to ensure that they are kept in the best shape possible, the ideal solution for you would be renting a shared storage space.

This way you can share the related expenses making it more affordable for you. Students who are recently moving into university in Abu Dhabi will benefit immensely with this solution.

Maintenance aspect

Maintenance aspect associated with a shared storage unit is also an added bonus. The other person or persons will also have to ensure they organise, clean and keep their items safe as well. You will collectively ensure that the storage unit is kept clean and safe at all times. Making the maintenance aspect of storage shared storage solutions a whole lot convenient for you as well as the other person. If in case you are not in town and you are worried about your belongings, it is really just a matter of ringing your friend or the other person to give your belongings a quick check.

A temporary solution

Not everyone is on the look out for long term storage solutions, this is why temporary temporary storage rental in Abu Dhabu works. In fact, it works for multiple reasons. Lets say you are travelling around for work a lot, or you are emptying your home for a relocation or it could be that you are selling your home so you need a space to keep all of your belongings. A shared storage solution works well since you will not have to pay a lot just to keep your items in storage for a couple of days.

Points to consider

Shared storage solutions even though they are temporary will be locked in safety. So they are rather safe and will be under the safe custody of your storage provider. Surveillance is a constant and measures like passcodes and biometric entry will be in place to ensure safety is heightened at all times.

On the other hand, you can choose a solution that is in close proximity to your home. This way you can move to and from the storage facility at ease. Saves you a lot of time and you can gain access to your items at any point of time, whenever you wish.

Finding a storage space is also important. At the end of the day when you decide to keep your belongings in storage, even temporarily, you want to ensure your belongings are clean from rodents and dust at all times. Most storage rental companies in Abu Dhabi ensure they have measures in place to ensure the cleanliness aspect of the premises. Do make it a point to visit the storage rental facility in advance to ensure you are satisfied that that premises are clean enough and are up to standard.