Storage facility in Dubai

Why seek the assistance of a storage facility in Dubai?

The vibrant nature of Dubai makes up for the reason why we see an increased number of expats moving to Dubai; even after a pandemic. With so many expats arriving in Dubai, the need for a reputed storage facility in Dubai is also increasing.

Storage services in Dubai are important for a number of reasons.

You might be moving away from Dubai and might want a suitable method for the storage of your valuables with the aim of reducing the bulk of your shipment. We understand that it could just be absolutely difficult to abandon your valuables such as furniture when shifting places.

 Reaching out to storage companies could also be a temporary solution when requiring a storage facility in Dubai.

Are you are planning on giving your home on rent. A storage facility in Dubai is the best option for offering the most secure plan to protect your valuable possessions, even temporarily.


Continuing storage solutions by a storage facility

You might be moving to Ireland for a number of reasons. Although, you might be on the lookout for a storage facility in Dubai, or even a unit that can cater to your needs in the long run. Aeon Shipping offers you remarkable services that are capable of storing your valuables for as long as you need.

If you are a business looking for long-term solutions of logistics for your business, then you have found yourself on the right website. Hop on board with us to obtain a facility in Dubai that fits you best.

Storage for the short term by a reputed storage facility

You will find yourself moving to a new apartment, and suddenly you will be in need of some extra storage space to store your valuable furniture or electronic equipment, just until you could move it back to your home from the port.

Your requirement for a storage facility in Dubai can be as minor or temporary as a couple of days or two. Aeon Shipping which is a storage facility in Dubai will offer you solutions that are capable of catering to these exact needs as when you hire a storage facility in Dubai to handle your necessities.

Rest assured you can sleep in peace, even if the country is completely foreign to you.

What can you store in a storage facility?

Have you moved recently to Dubai, and concerned about the storage services you may receive in Dubai?

With Aeon Shipping you will be able to find a storage facility in Dubai that enables solutions for the storage of numerous items.

Furniture storage facility

Storage of furniture is quite the common amenity amongst those who relocate within Dubai and those who newly enter Dubai.

If you are on our website, then consider yourself lucky! Primarily because at Aeon Shipping we facilitate the needs of those who require a storage facility in Dubai for the storage of furniture.

Are you in the process of purchasing a new set of furniture for your home? Chances are you would be unwilling to dispose of your existing pieces of furniture for numerous reasons.

 It could be because you potentially see yourself using it in the future, or due to the sentimental value of the furniture. Whichever the reason maybe then Aeon shipping will be able to offer you a storage facility in Dubai which is ideal for you.

We will also help you discover a storage facility in Dubai that will store your furniture in the long run as well for an attractive range of packages and offers.

Car storage facility

If you are well-traveled, then you would know that one of the most exceptionally interesting things you will witness in Dubai is its cars!

Most vehicle owners we see in Dubai own at least one exotic vehicle. So supposing you are planning to add yet another car to your collection flown from abroad, you will require a storage facility in Dubai to hold onto it for some time.

our car storage facility in Dubai will enable you to store any type of vehicle within our premises. With specially designed premises to cater to any type of vehicle, our facilities for car storage in Dubai will keep your vehicle secure.

For inquiries, reach out to us to get details on exactly what type of vehicle you can keep in our car storage facility in Dubai.

The type of package you choose when you choose our car storage facility in Dubai will be offered with numerous services. This includes security, service, battery starts, photos of the vehicle, insurance if required, etc.

Home storage facility

Moving to Dubai can be quite interesting and exciting. In a country where it is summer all year, those moving to Dubai are certain to have lots of fun activities to get about on their stay here.

So you might consider packing all of your gear on your arrival. Although you may encounter one small issue, which is the issue of space. If you are moving newly to Dubai with heaps of home items, you will require the assistance of a home storage facility in Dubai.

Moving all your household items at the same time might not be exactly ideal if you are in the process of relocating to a new place. Where would you simply have your items stored?

A  home storage facility in Dubai for household storage units comes in handy during relocation as well. You will be able to receive offers if you are looking for options on a temporary basis as well.

A home storage facility in Dubai can be utilized for your needs for as long as you need it!


Whether it is long-term or short-term, we will keep your household items safe and sound.

Self-storage facility

A self-storage facility in Dubai is an option available for individuals looking to store household goods or even personal items on their own. Self-storage storage services in Dubai are a remarkable facility offered by Storage Dubai.

Self-storage in Dubai would be the ideal option for individuals looking to rent out a space to store valuable yet excessive items for a certain period of time.

Self-storage enables you easy access to your unit and enables you to drive your goods to the facility by yourself, saving you any additional costs.

A self-storage facility in Dubai is ideal for you if you are a new expat entering Dubai. Use the option of self-storage in Dubai to store away their belongings until they settle down by yourself without the assistance of our teams handling the packing and transport for you.

If you find yourself relocating houses in Dubai, what better place to store your precious belongings than at a self-storage facility in Dubai? Rest assured, when you opt for self-storage in Dubai your items will be monitored and well protected until you will require them again.

What are things you cannot store in a storage facility in Dubai?

As it is with everything, when it comes to storage services in Dubai, there are ‘Do’s, and then there are ‘Don’t’s. This section, in particular, concerns the latter and here are some things you must not place in a storage facility in Dubai.

High-value items

A storage unit is not the place to place your expensive or rare Cartier or Givenchy bracelet as it is with a rare leather Hermes Birkin. While companies maintain a storage facility in Dubai with enhanced security protocols, it’s just best to not take a chance with your diamonds and gold.

We suggest you keep such precious items within your possession, or at a bank safe, which is guaranteed to provide it with the safety it requires in comparison to a storage facility in Dubai.

Hazardous or toxic items

Toxic items or things that are hazardous in nature are anything that causes harm to those who come into contact with them.

They can be either combustible, toxic, explosive, or flammable in nature. The reason for saying so is because when your items are loaded into a storage facility in Dubai, anyone who accidentally drops them will get injured and harmed.

Avoid placing chemicals, batteries of a car, into a storage facility, gasoline, gases, acids and aerosol into a storage facility in Dubai.

Perishable materials, food, and plants

Perishable materials or food are not permitted in to a storage facility because they can attract bacteria, germs, fungi, and mold if not packaged properly. Even if it is it is, liquids may seep through the item and damage an entire storage facility.

That’s not all, food items tend to attract pests such as rats. Dubai maintains high health and safety standards that condemn premises if found with pests.

finally, are not to be placed in a storage facility in Dubai since they will most certainly not survive in that state.


No prudent person would store a live animal in a storage facility in Dubai. For one it is cruel, and secondly, it is daft to store an animal without notifying your storage company in Dubai.