Your guide to home storage in Dubai

The sky really is the limit where home storage in Dubai is concerned. This option enables customers to store practically any type of homeware or household goods.

Your guide to home storage in Dubai

The sky really is the limit where home storage in Dubai is concerned. This option enables customers to store practically any type of homeware or household goods. The service of home storage in Dubai offered by Aeon Shipping grants customers easy access to their precious items in your home. It does not end there as we provide secure spaces in Dubai that are clean and pest-free. While storing your valuable household goods sown a basement or attic might sound like a swell idea, wouldn’t you want to have them stored in clean home storage units in Dubai? Home storage in Dubai is an exceptional method to retain the sound quality of items in your home in Dubai for a long period of time. Moving all your home items in Dubai at the same time might not be exactly ideal if you are in the process of relocating to a new place. Where would you simply have your items stored? Home storage in Dubai for items in home storage units comes in handy during relocation as well. You will be able to receive offers on temporary solutions for home storage in Dubai. With Aeon Shipping in Dubai, we hope to offer customers home storage units of top quality, versatile in nature, and affordable.

Rates in Dubai home storage by Aeon Shipping

Rates for home storage in Dubai can be obtained area and volume-wise, in the categories of stackable and nonstackable.

Average storage charges/Monthly
per CBM
AED 150
Non stackable
AED 300
Average storage charges/Day
50 Sqft
Self Storage cabin/ Upper
AED 650
Self Storage cabin/ Ground
AED 850
Mesh Storage charges/Monthly
100 sq ft / 25 cbm
AED 1150
AED 1350


The minimum charges applicable per month for home storage in Dubai is AED 150

Self storage in Dubai

Are you looking for prices in Dubai for storing your items by the piece or collectively by the box? Below you will find the storage prices in Dubai that will be charged by you for the above requirement.

Flexible solutions in Dubai

Regardless of whether you are a student or even a resident in Dubai, self-storage comes in handy to save your day.

One of the best aspects of home storing in Dubai is that you can store as many or few items as you want. Should you encounter any difficulties in ascertaining exactly how much space you will require, our expert representatives will be there to guide you.

It is a hassle-free solution that is also affordable based on your need.

Constant protection and safety

Are you concerned about your items while you are away? Fear not, as we have the best security and surveillance systems.

Your home storage units in Dubai remain under the wing of comprehensive systems of alarms and  CCTV cameras in place to ensure your precious valuables and belongings would remain protected always.

On the other hand, no one else will be given access to your home storage units in Dubai but you, making it an even more secure solution

Easy access to your units

Having easy access to your home storage while in Dubai probably makes up for one of the best reasons to choose home storage in Dubai.

Since only you will have access to your home storage space, you will be able to access the storage units whenever you have to tend to your needs.

You will be able to access your items at ease, without any restriction for the duration of being placed in home storage  Dubai.

Self Storage Average Storage Charges/Monthly
50 Sqft / 12 cbm
Upper Cabin
AED 650
Ground Cabin
AED 850
✔ Minimum charges applicable per month for home storage in Dubai is AED 300

Home storage rates in Dubai per piece/ box

Medium box

Dimension: 45*45*45
Daily/piece: AED 2.66

Large box

Dimension: 45*45*70
Daily/piece: AED 3.33

Suitcase - Med

Dimension: 50*100*140
Daily/piece: AED 3.33

Suitcase - Large

Dimension: 80*130*195
Daily/piece: AED 4.16

How does home storage work in Dubai?

Home storage in Dubai is to be considered an effective method beneficial for numerous individuals on numerous occasions items found in your home. Whether you are relocating, renovating or even a student, we have got you covered with the steps on finding the right home storage facility or unit for you.

Select a home storage option in Dubai

When searching for affordable prices for storage units in Dubai for good prices, it would be prudent to understand why storage prices in Dubai cost the way they do. Of course, storage prices in Dubai would depend on a variety of factors, namely provided as below.

Pick a unit in Dubai for home storage

You can then pick a unit for home storage in Dubai, that would keep your household goods safe at all times.

Make a reservation for home storage in Dubai​

Once you are done choosing  a unit, you can then make a reservation by letting our agents know that you are ready to proceed with the transaction for home storage in Dubai

Pick type of service in Dubai required for home storage

When you choose the option of home storage in Dubai, you can choose between the options of self-storage and full storage. Self-storage offered by home storage in Dubai lets you deliver your household items at the storage facility on your own. This includes the steps of packing, loading, transporting, and unloading to the client. If you have multiple items that are sizeable to be stored, then the full storage option by home storage in Dubai would be ideal. This involves professionals engaged in Home storage in Dubai to arrive at your premises, pack and transport your household items to the storage facility on your behalf.

Pack your items in Dubai for home storage

Once you are set on the idea of home storage in Dubai, you can then proceed to get your items. Household items with home storage in Dubai can be assembled on time for storage by wrapping them if required and then packing them in boxes if possible.

Why would you require home storage solutions in Dubai when relocating?

Home storage in Dubai is the ideal option for those who wish to relocate houses for a number of reasons. For one, if you are planning on selling your current house, having your household items and furniture packed away in a storage facility will allow potential buyers to visit the house and witness its true state free of your belongings. On the other hand, it offers a safe haven for your household items until you relocate to your new home. Below we have listed some interesting points you may consider in anticipation of your move.

Chances of being between homes in Dubai

This problem comes up most commonly if you are planning on selling your home in Dubai. Before you purchase a new home, it might be ideal to sell your current home, during which you can rent out a new apartment or house for the time being.

Supposing your rental in Dubai is not big enough, it might be ideal to place your household items at home storage in Dubai.

Home storage in Dubai will keep your items months at a time until you move into your new home in the future.

Declutter in time for the big move in Dubai

We suggest you make an inventory of the stuff you actually own and categorize them according to priority and necessity.

While all your household items are valuable, you can choose to have the items that are below the priority list to be placed at home storage in Dubai.

Since you will not know how well your items will fit in your new house in Dubai, it would be smart to place some of them in home storage before you move all of them into your home and create unnecessary clutter.

Leave goods at home storage, take your time to unpack

In certain instances getting the clutter away might seem like what you want at the moment. Doing this might sometimes cause you to get the whole place cluttered and messy, you might even damage certain household items in the process. It will potentially take you several days to unpack. Let’s not even get to the stress factor!

All of the above can be avoided by taking your time to unpack your items. Yes, it might seem slow, but once you prioritize your items, the furniture or goods that are not urgent can be stored in facilities of home storage in Dubai.

This grants you time to clean, plan and organize exactly where each item should go at ease.

Home storage for unforeseen circumstances on relocation day

Neither of us is capable of seeing into the future, it is human nature. What we can do is prepare, and think of what could potentially go wrong during move-in day.

Suppose for instance your new house is not ready for move-in, and you are left with all your belongings packed and ready to go.

Leave your items in home storage in Dubai, while you plan out your next move.

Home storage for international relocation

Home storage in Dubai is an excellent method to have your goods safe while you move abroad. Since it is understood that you will not be moving all of your items abroad, some of them can be placed in the safe hands of companies offering home storage in Dubai.

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