Car storage prices in Dubai

  What is the price of vehicle storage in Dubai?

When the phrase storage spaces come up, vehicles or cars is the last thing anyone would think of. We would most often think of furniture or even the storage of boxes filled with various things.

Before we consider the prices of storing your car in Dubai, it would be helpful to understand what car or vehicle storage is.

Although, car storage takes commonplace in Dubai, and internationally. For instance, you might want to ship your car abroad, if you are relocating from Dubai. If you wish to have your car flown, chances are you might require a place of storage to rest your car until its journey begins.

Another context would include you finding yourself relocating to Dubai. Should you have your car flown to Dubai before you land, you can have it stored in Aeon Shipping’s facility for the time being.

Despite this, we see individuals when considering prices and other factors would their car in our facilities extending even months. You can have your car in our facility for an unlimited amount of time for great prices.

Of course with this comes the prices of car storage in Dubai, which would depend on a number of factors. We understand the importance of offering affordable prices as well as quality services to our customers. Keep reading more to find out!

   What are car storage prices in Dubai?


 Prices for storing car in Dubai

Following are prices for storing your car under the categories of  VIP, Indoor, and standard.

AED 90/Day AED 55/Day AED 16.6/Day
VIP storage Indoor storage Standard storage
Dedicated indoor storage Indoor variable storage Outdoor variable space
Monthly report with photos Vehicle report upon check-in / check-out Vehicle report upon check-in / check-out
2 car starts per month 1 car start per month 1 car start per month
1 Car wash Battery charge is available Insurance upon request available
Battery charge is available Insurance upon request available
Insurance upon request available
  • Receive dedicated or variable indoor storage, or outdoor storage
  • Receive monthly reports with photos, or vehicle report upon check-in and check out
  • 2 or 1 car start a month depending on the package
  • Battery charge
  • Insurance upon request can be offered.


Prices for storing bikes in Dubai

AED 41.6/Day AED 30/Day AED 16.6/Day
VIP storage Indoor storage Standard storage
Dedicated indoor storage Indoor variable storage Outdoor variable space
Monthly report with photos Vehicle report upon check-in / check-out Vehicle report upon check-in / check-out
2 bike starts per month 1 bike start per month 1 bike start per month
1 bike wash Insurance upon request available Insurance upon request available
Insurance upon request available
  • Obtain offers for the prices of AED 21.6, AED 10, and AED 5 a day.
  • Dedicated indoor storage, indoor variable storage or outdoor spaces.
  • Depending on the package receive monthly reports with photos. Vehicle reports upon check-in /check out.
  • Receive a bike wash.
  • Insurance will be provided upon request.

What affects the prices of car storage in Dubai

There are numerous factors that come into play in deducing car storage prices in Dubai. When considering prices for storing your car, every situation quite certainly will not be the same and prices cannot be streamlined or generalized for everyone. Although, having an idea of the factors that are likely to affect your prices will be prudent.

Find below a list we have compiled to help you make an informed choice based on prices when storing your car!

Type of facility chosen

At Aeon shipping, through Storage Dubai, we maintain multiple options facilities for you to choose from that prices would depend on. Namely,  dedicated indoor, variable indoor or variable outdoor solutions.

The dedicated indoor facility is ideal for high-value, rare or vintage cars. Your vehicle will be well protected and will reserve its own dedicated facility. This would of course come at a cost and is not ideal for short-term storage or if you are not looking for excessive prices when storing your car.

What if you are looking for a long-term car solution at a more affordable rate? Well, then the prices of variable indoor option is for you. You can have your car stored for a longer period of time without having to encounter excessive prices for car storage in Dubai.

If you are just looking for just a temporary place, then the variable outdoor option would be ideal for you.

Type of car storage offer chosen

With storage Dubai offered by Aeon Shipping, you will have several options and prices to choose from. For instance, the VIP option offers a dedicated space of storage together with 2 car washes a month and photos of the vehicle. This option understandably contain prices higher than the rest.

The regular indoor option is offered for those who wish to opt for affordable prices in the long run. Since your car will be indoors it will be well protected for the duration of storage.

If you thought the variable indoor option which has affordable prices, well it gets better. We offer an outdoor storage option for customers looking for temporary storage space for even more affordable prices.

Prices of self-storage or full service

Prices are also likely to rely on whether you choose self-storage or full service. Self-storage will enable you to store the same items that the full-service option enables you to store, at prices that are affordable.

Since self-storage involves you bringing your items yourself to the storage facility, all packed and loaded, you will be able to avoid extra prices on transport.

Additional factors affecting car storage prices

Considering additional factors that affect prices of storing cars, customers services such as battery charges, car starts, car or bike washes and even insurance if required. Depending on your requirement, such facilities will be added to car storage prices in Dubai.

What type of services do we offer for car storage?

When you choose car storage in Dubai and should you choose our company, you will be offered a number of solutions and services. For great prices too!

Vehicle reports and photos

When you choose our facilities of car storage in Dubai provide detailed reports of the cars for affordable prices. Detailed vehicle reports are maintained during check-in as well as check-out. This will enable customers to assess any differences in the vehicle while in storage and before it was.

When the car is in storage, the owner might be unable to assess their vehicle or even know the state of their vehicle. Storage Dubai aims to bring the customer at ease by providing detailed photos of the vehicle while it is in storage. A hassle-free and stress-free service actively make up for the competence of our team of professionals.

Outdoor variable storage

The outdoor variable option allows customers to have their car stored in an uncovered area allocated for car storage.

If you are not planning on receiving car storage services in Dubai in the long run, and for a limited duration, then we suggest you choose outdoor variables storage. It is affordable and protected within the said duration of time.

Dedicated indoor storage

If you were to choose our VIP storage service, you will receive dedicated indoor storage. As the name suggests, you will receive an entire unit of storage for your car.

This means it will be protected while it remains in our storage facilities. On the other hand, outsiders will not have access to your vehicle while your car remains in a dedicated storage facility, which adds another layer of protection.

Due to enhance the protection offered, this option is ideal to store any type of exotic, luxury, rare, or vintage car.

Indoor variable storage

Indoor variable storage is a general option of car storage in Dubai. This enables customers to have their car stored within a covered facility together with other vehicles.

This cost-effective method is ideal if you are planning on having your car in storage for a long period of time.

Other services

Are you worried about your car attracting dust while it is stored? Well, we are happy to relieve you of this fear as we offer prices when storing your car with in-house car washing services. If you are concerned about your car being kept fresh and clean throughout its time in storage, do not fret, Aeon Shipping has got you covered.

When a car is left dormant for extended periods of time, it is likely to endure technical difficulties when it eventually is started. Our services of car storage in Dubai offer packages which offers car starts from time to time to avoid such difficulties.

On the other hand, fears of a car getting damaged are common to every car owner. After all, it is your prized possession and you would not want it damaged. Therefore, we offer to have your vehicles insured, if you desire this service as well.

Things you can do to prepare your car

Car prep is important because your car will potentially be away for a long period of time. Here are some things you can do to make sure your car is well protected in your absence, although, our car storage prices in Dubai will include our range of services

  • Clean your vehicle in advance. This involves the removal of any residue from the interior of your vehicle, and maybe a car wash pre-storage.
  • Battery maintainers will help maintain the battery of your car, by sending surges periodically. Leaving your car dormant is unhealthy hence this equipment will do it justice.
  • Service your car if you can before storage so you can identify and resolve any issues before it is sent to car storage in Dubai.