Car parking space for rent in Dubai

Get Car parking space for rent in Dubai

If you are looking for a car park for rent in Dubai you have stepped on the right page. Store your car at one of our storage facilities in Dubai is reliable and safeguarding your car is like their own.


Choose the package that suits your needs and budget below. If you have any concerns do contact us or simply apply for a free quote and we will reach out to you. 

Services Standard Package Platinum Package Premium Package

Storage space

Outdoor space
Indoor Space
Indoor space

Vehicle Start-up

2 times per week
4 times per week

Vehicle wash

2 times per month
4 times per month

Tires/Battery/Fluids check


Status report


Transport *

Open recovery
Full down / Low clearance

Security & CCTV

Dedicated space




Tire saver

Trickle Charger

Climate Controls

Warehouse insurance cover ( up to AED 500 k )

AED 140 / week
AED 400 / week
AED 600 / week


Standard Package

Platinum Package

Premium Package

Paid Car parking space for rent in Dubai

Finding a proper car parking space for rent in Dubai and simply just don’t have the time to maintain them?

With the booming developments in Dubai, more and more people are coming to the big city. One of the most important factors for them is whether they can conveniently park their cars.

Fortunately, many companies are providing VIP car parking spaces for rent to meet the needs of these new arrivals. These car parking spaces for rent are often located in high-end residential areas close to malls, hospitals, business areas and airports. They provide car owners with a safe and reliable car parking space to keep their vehicles while they’re away from home on a business or on vacation. Get the best rate for parking space for rent in Dubai.

VIP Car Space for rent offers in Dubai

Car parking space for rent in Dubai, VIP Car space for rent in Dubai provides great excellent service in VIP luxury vehicle storage facilities, for all types of classic, prestige or luxury vehicles. The car can be stored weekly, monthly or yearly.

Rent out car park space in Dubai

Get a good rate for car parking space for rent in Dubai. Get your own parking spot for rent in the UAE. You’ll get the best price for VIP car storage in Dubai including many other services, long term car parking and car parking space for rent for your vehicle at our new indoor secure facility located.

Reliable and secure parking space for rent Dubai

Your own parking spot for rent in Dubai. With over 25,000 square feet of private indoor car parking space for rent in Dubai, we offer short and long term car parking space for rent in the UAE for all vehicle types including cars, boats, motorbikes, company fleet vehicles, quad bikes and vintage/classic collections. We also store caravans, trailers, large vehicles and trucks at our storage facility based in Dubai. The package includes monthly parking spaces or weekly car parking spaces.

Car parking space for rent in Dubai

If you are travelling internationally or don’t have the time to take care of your valuable car and looking for a car parking space to rent who will also take good care of the car, then you have come to the right place. Whether you’re travelling on business or leisure, rent out car park space and save the hassle. Rent a car parking space from one of our warehouses located in Dubai and find a perfect spot for your vehicle. Monthly parking spaces are available by Aeon MySpace.

How to find paid parking for rent in Dubai?

If you are planning to move and want to store your household goods and also your exotic vehicle for an affordable rate in the market and well as searching for a reliable storage facility. 

Who will take great care of your more reliable and precious vehicle like you do?

Aeon MySpace parking spot for rent will take good care of them internally as well as externally. Our aim is to provide great value for the storage of your car. You can either store your car in monthly parking spaces or weekly parking spaces.

Why Aeon MySpace car parking space for rent in Dubai?

Aeon MySpace will provide you with a hassle-free job at very affordable prices which start as low as AED 360 per week for VIP car storage in Dubai, contact us at VIP Car parking space service inquiry to get a free customized quote and reserve a car parking spot in Dubai, or ask for more information about our convenient and secure paid parking services.

Paid parking storage services offered by Aeon MySpace

You won’t be disappointed with your choice with us

Aeon MySpace offers three car storage packages as platinum, premium and standard packages.

Premium Package

Platinum Package

Standard Package

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Common Service for all the packages mentioned above

All vehicles are handled and operated by well trained trusted professionals in Dubai. Complimentary car cover or shades provided for a minimum storage period of two months. Add on services includes car service and to/from airport transfer. You can now rent parking space monthly or weekly depending on your needs.

Car parking for rent in Dubai, UAE

Parking space for rent is hard to come by, so it’s no surprise that people are willing to pay for the privilege for the safety and reliability of their precious car.

Hoping to find a reliable parking space for rent in Dubai?

If you are looking for a basic affordable long term car parking space for rent plan or car parking space for rent get our monthly VIP car storage membership plan, your cars will be maintained and kept safe with us and handed over to you.

​We care about the safety and maintenance of your vehicle’s just as you do. 

Storage for Cars in Dubai

Your car will be taken care of at our secure indoor temperature control car parking storage facility in Dubai. The car storage warehouse is continuously monitored and secured by our security systems, which are installed with CCTV cameras and alarms systems. Your car will be secured and cared for at our warehouse installed with 24*7 CCTV cameras and the clock workforce. You can rest assured that your car is in safe hands and has a well-experienced team of trained professionals

Are you looking for paid parking in Dubai?

Your precious luxury car will be stored safely and securely, once when you accept a car park space to rent or a car storage plan you will be eligible for a wide range of services like car maintenance and many other services that will ensure that your car will look and perform as you hand over to the parking lot for rent in the UAE.

Secure parking space for rent in Dubai

Trusting a car parking space for rent company to manage your much-loved car is no fast and easy decision overnight due to many storage warehouse facilities mentioned to do the best for the car, how can one be sure that their precious vehicle is in the best hands? Find a reliable car parking space for rent.

Reliable car parking space for rent in Dubai

Aeon has over a decade of handling car parking for rent plus storage for cars and shipping cars  Internationally are few services offered from Dubai. We are moving into VIP car storage in our brand new car parking and fully equipped trusted storage of car services in Dubai. Aeon had worked with over a dozen customers locally and Internationally for storage service.

How does Aeon MySpace parking space for rent works?

All cars are inspected upon delivery, prepped with a seat, steering wheel, and car covers. The car can be washed before the car enters the car parking space for rent facility and tucked away with a trickle charger to keep the battery topped up. 

The team notes any defects, damages etc are filed and reported to the car owner. The VIP car storage service doesn’t end by that. Many other facilities are included in the car parking storage plan you choose. Convenient car rent parking space monthly.

What you should expect with indoor car parking storage, depends on the type of car and parking facility you have and the amount of money you are willing to spend on car parking space for rent in Dubai.  Get car parking space monthly rental rates and we also offer weekly parking space rates.

Car parking space for rent all comes down to your requirements and the price you’re willing to invest to protect your car.  For more information call on the toll-free (971) 600-500-509 and we can clear all your doubts on car storage space in Dubai.

Aeon has created the area for car parking space for rent in Dubai, is designed, built, and operated with one main purpose held in mind: to provide the very best trusted vehicle storage while you are away.

Are you looking for a car parking rental space in Dubai?

Aeon Myspace wants to provide value for the customer with storage space for their car and the best service to offer for your valuable car.

The sole purpose of car parking rental space is the protection of vehicles like cars, motorbikes, boats and trucks. 

Our storage warehouse is designed and placed to provide the best-trusted car storage service in Dubai.

The standard storage package at Aeon MySpace Storage for cars starts from AED 140 per week.  

The climate-controlled car parking rental space will cost you per month, and there are other extra services available for an extra cost.

This is cheaper than paying for self-storage car storage facilities.

The level of care for the car is also less.

So let’s talk and think about car care and management. Get cheap rates and a reliable car parking lot for rent in Dubai.

Car Parking Space for rent

Aeon MySpace is a storage warehouse based at Dubai Investment park specifically designed to provide quality standards for short term and long term storage care of your car.

There is around the clock security and CCTV cameras operating.

Climate controlled VIP car storage is available, and in Aeon MySpace, climate control is a must to protect your vehicle from those climate changes in Dubai.

Regular basic maintenance is available if you require this service for the long run of your vehicle. Moving your vehicle and periodically starting the engine is on the table of possibilities. 

Detailing can also be arranged as per customer needs. Get an affordable car parking lot for rent in the UAE.

Car Storage and Warehousing Service in Dubai

The warehouse is fully insured and enclosed with climate control. The car parking space for rent near Jabel Ali port is kept dust free and external environment. Rest assured that our well-trained staff will provide the best for the cars. A hotel-like experience for your precious possession.

We also ship cars nationwide and worldwide for clients with multiple residences.

If you are planning for a business trip internationally and want someone to look after your luxury car like you do, Aeon Myspace is the best choice for your trusted storage and parking service to offer in Dubai. Convenient and reliable car parking space monthly rental plans.

You can either be going on a long vacation or simply moving Internationally.

Once you settle in the country you desire we can ship your belongings to your drop step from Dubai.

Household storage and Car Parking space storage warehouse Dubai

Vehicle storage is also available indoor and outdoor as per your requirement and budget, you can decide which area you want to park your car. Ample car parking lot for rent in the UAE.

Place an inquire below and we will contact you shortly to provide you with the best services and trusted car parking rental space in the UAE.

Simply contact us or place a booking to rent a dedicated car space for your valuable vehicle.