Storage units in Dubai

Are you on the lookout for affordable storage units in Dubai? Then Storage Dubai is the ideal place to find such units. 

Storage space and units in Dubai

Are you on the lookout for affordable storage units in Dubai? Then Storage Dubai is the ideal place to find such units. We offer you high-quality storage units in Dubai at an affordable rate. Dubai; one of the leading business hubs in the middle east is a land of opportunities. It affords its occupants a great place to lead a fruitful lifestyle, with amazing places to see and be at. This perhaps explains why Dubai attracts a large number of expats the way it does from all over the world each year. The increased number of expats calls for bigger and better storage units in Dubai. After all, there is only so much storage units you can have in your residence. Storage units in Dubai are sought after for a number of reasons. If you are a new resident perhaps, efficient solutions for storage units in Dubai will allow you to keep more, without the hassle of clutter. You can bring that valuable piece of furniture with you and not fear throwing it away. Place them in storage units to use whenever you need them. That is not all. If you have been living in Dubai for a considerable period of time, and you see yourself relocating, then storage units in Dubai offered by Aeon Shipping might be for you. You can now place them in storage units to have them delivered to your new residence upon settling down.

Storage units for special events in Dubai

If you live in Dubai, you might find the need for storage units in anticipation of numerous events that you may encounter.

Moving in together with your partner

When two people move in together, this also includes all of their bags, items of baggage, clothes, and ofcourse personal belongings.

While moving in together with a partner or after marriage into your new home is a sign of growth, you really will require time to figure out what you are going to do with all your stuff.

While you will have multiple things to focus on like furnishing your new home, you can leave the aspect of storage units to us. This is when you can store some of your belongings in our storage units in Dubai until you have figured out what to do with them.

Group your items prior to moving in according to priority and place them in storage units in Dubai for easy access. Place them in self-storage units should you access them frequently.

Storage units for the arrival of a new baby

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys experienced by a couple.

With that comes the need to clear out a room for your new family member, storage units in Dubai will be your greatest asset to figure this out.

While you might not be able to clear out or throw out your personal belongings just like that, you can place them in storage units in Dubai for the time being.

The temporary storage of belongings is the perfect solution in Dubai in the event of the arrival of a new family member.

Storage units when downsizing in Dubai

While you see people expanding their homes, there are people who downsize for a number of reasons.

Storage units in Dubai may come in handy for instance if you are retiring. While you can sell of items you do not require at all, you might be left with items that are precious and of sentimental value.

This could typically also be the scenario if you are planning on adopting a minimalistic way of life.

Whichever it may be, you can keep those items in storage units in Dubai, storage units are safe and you will be able to place them for the long haul should the need arise.

Storage units for moving houses in Dubai

Are you planning on relocating to a new house? Exciting times are ahead, and it can get stressful if you have failed to plan ahead of time. You may question the urgency for storage units while relocating within Dubai. For one, you would not want your new home full of unnecessary clutter. You can keep with you urgent items based on priority while the rest can be placed in the safe hands of storage units in Dubai. Self-storage can be used to place your personal belongings. Self-storage units may we add comes with the bonus feature of easy access whenever!

What are self-storage units in Dubai?

The urgency for self-storage units in Dubai may arise due to a variety of reasons. Perhaps due to a sudden lack of storage in your home in Dubai, or maybe you are just looking to declutter your home. Self-storage units in Dubai enable you to transport all of your belongings to your desired storage company in Dubai. Where you will then unload the items securely yourself. You will have access to your items whenever you need, simply making it the pinnacle of convenience! Although, this solution would be ideal considering you live in close proximity to your storage units in Dubai, or if you have transportation to and from the storage facility. We have compiled below a list of pros to consider self-storage units in Dubai

Flexible storage solutions in Dubai

Regardless of whether you are a student or even a resident in Dubai, self-storage units come in handy to save your day.

One of the best aspects of self-storage units in Dubai is that you can store as many of few items as you want. Should you encounter any difficulties in ascertaining exactly how much space you will require, our expert representatives will be there to guide you.

It is a hassle-free solution that is also affordable based on your need.

Constant protection and safety

Are you concerned about your items while you are away? Fear not, as we have the best security and surveillance systems.

Your storage units in Dubai remain under the wing of comprehensive systems of alarms and  CCTV cameras in place to ensure your precious valuables and belongings would remain protected always.

On the other hand, no one else will be given access to your storage units in Dubai but you, making it an even more secure solution

Easy access to storage units

Having easy access to your storage units while in Dubai probably makes up for one of the best reasons to choose self-storage in Dubai.

Since only you will have access to your storage units, you will be able to access the storage units whenever you have to tend to your needs.

You will be able to access your items at ease, without any restriction for the duration of being placed in storage units in Dubai.

What is box storage in Dubai?

Box storage is also a convenient solution of storage available in Dubai. This is where storage companies in Dubai would deliver to your doorstep boxes and packing material for your personal belongings. You can then let the storage company know when you want it to be delivered to the storage facility in Dubai. On the other hand, the storage company will also pack your belongings for you should the need arise, and place it at the storage facility for the duration of time stated. Although, you will not be able to access your box storage units as and when you need them, our security systems will ensure your items are afforded the best protection while in our possession. Have you thought of what benefits you would receive by resorting to box storage units in Dubai? Keep reading to find out!

Affordable prices for storage units and boxes

Prices for box storage will depend on the dimensions and area allocated by your boxes. You will not have to pay for the number of pieces. So box storage units in Dubai by Aeon shipping is worth the price since it will allow you to store more for less!

Convenient solutions in Dubai for storage units

If you are on the search for an even more convenient solution for storage units in Dubai, then box storage in Dubai is ideal for you. From properly packing your personal belongings neatly into boxes to transporting them safely to the storage facility will be offered by the storage company. If the task of packing and wrapping things into boxes safely is not your strongest suit, then the option of box storage in Dubai is your lifesaver. However, choose this method of storage units if you don’t intend on the frequent use of your personal belongings. You will not have 24/7 access to it while placed under storage units. Only choose this option if you know that you will not need it for a period of time. Such as an extra set of furniture or household accessories.

What are storage Unit and self-storage prices?

Self-storage charges daily or per block
Up to 06cbm
AED 10.00
AED 10.00
✔ Terms and conditions applicable
✔  AED 300 minimum self-storage charges applicable per month

Average storage per box or per suitcase

Medium box

Dimension: 45*45*45
Daily/piece: AED 2.66

Large box

Dimension: 45*45*70
Daily/piece: AED 3.33

Suitcase - Med

Dimension: 50*100*140
Daily/piece: AED 3.33

Suitcase - Large

Dimension: 80*130*195
Daily/piece: AED 4.16

Dubai Investment Park – 1,
FAB Properties, Gate No 8 Block WH
Warehouse 1, 2 & 3 –
Dubai – United Arab Emirates