Self-storage in Dubai

Self-storage in Dubai is an option available for individuals looking to store household goods or even personal items. Self-storage in Dubai is a remarkable facility offered by Storage Dubai.

What is self-storage in Dubai?

Self-storage enables you easy access to your unit and enables you to drive your goods to the facility by yourself, saving you any additional costs.Self-storage in Dubai would be the ideal option for individuals looking to rent out a space to store valuable yet excessive items for a certain period of time.Self-storage in Dubai is ideal for new expats who are entering Dubai, searching for self-storage in Dubai to store away their belongings until they settle down by themselves without the help of storage companies. If you find yourself relocating houses in Dubai, what better place to store your precious belongings than self-storage? Rest assured, when you opt for self-storage in Dubai your items will be monitored and well protected until you will require them again. On the other hand, you might be hoping to ship a couple of packages abroad and in dire need of a place to store your items. Not to worry as self-storage in Dubai offered through Aeon Shipping will assist you with just that. With the option of self-storage in Dubai, customers may be afforded the opportunity if easy access to their belongings, this would ensure customers are afforded the ability to inspect, take away a few items if ever the need was to arise. Self-storage in Dubai is the ideal place to have your items stored securely, which could either be permanent or temporary. Also depending on your particular requirement, duration, and in-house services, the price of storage in Dubai will vary.

What is the price of self-storage in Dubai?


Volume and area-based rates for self-storage

Self storage charges week / Month
50 sqft racks
AED250/week (AED 1000/month)
Non stackable
AED 850
✔ T&C may be applicable
✔ Minimum charges applicable per month for self storage is AED 300

Self-storage by suitcase and by box

Medium box

Dimension: 45*45*45
Daily/piece: AED 2.66

Large box

Dimension: 45*45*70
Daily/piece: AED 3.33

Suitcase - Med

Dimension: 50*100*140
Daily/piece: AED 3.33

Suitcase - Large

Dimension: 80*130*195
Daily/piece: AED 4.16

Size of items for self-storage

Size can be regarded as one of the key contributors to the cost of self-storage in Dubai. The rate of storage weekly or even monthly will vary on the size of the items that you are hoping to store.

Type of self-storage units

With storage Dubai, you will be able to experience a variety of self-storage facilities. For instance, they could be indoor, outdoor, or even temperature controlled facilities.

Temperature-controlled facilities of self-storage in Dubai, in particular, are a great space to be utilized for the storage of items such as fur coats, leather bags, electronics, etc; anything sensitive to high temperatures to be exact.  Such spaces of self-storage in Dubai tend to cost you more than regular spaces.

Duration of self-storage

Do you plan to obtain self-storage in Dubai in the long term or the short term? Long-term storage will tend to be cost-effective given that you will receive more for less. Renting self-storage spaces for a short period of time such as on a weekly basis or even monthly might be costlier. Longer the better!

Additional factors for self-storage in Dubai

You might want to consider other services offered by Aeon shipping for self-storage in Dubai. For instance, depending on your requirements, you will receive security and surveillance, insurance fees as well as fees for the administration of self-storage in Dubai.

What are the benefits of self-storage units in Dubai?

The benefits of self-storage in Dubai are many! But to cut to the chase, it spells convenience, it is affordable and you will now be able to keep all of your valuables without the hassle of worrying about storage space at home. While it might sound convenient to just chuck all your belongings into a closet or cupboard at home, why risk it when you can get top-quality services at half the price, and avoid damage to your goods to avoid long-term costs with self-storage in Dubai?Here are a few important benefits of self-storage in Dubai.

Wholesome self-storage solutions in Dubai

If you hop on board with Storage Dubai by Aeon Shipping, you are assured to receive wholesome services of self-storage in Dubai from the get Go. Self-storage in Dubai would mean that our team will be able to handle your items for self-storage ii from the ground up. For instance, you might be unable to transport your items to our facility on your own due to the volume. Or you might be unable to efficiently and properly pack your items to ensure they remain intact. All of the above and more are overseen by our team members to avoid any long-term damage to your items with self-storage in Dubai. For instance, taking down the inventory of a customer’s items, making an assessment of its state, and proceeding thereafter is what you can expect by opting to self-storage in Dubai

Damage prevention using self-storage services

When customers require our transportation and packing services for self-storage in Dubai, we truly go the extra mile. Our team members will ensure they identify and assess the state and nature of your items to understand how to best pack, handle and load your items.For instance, they will properly pack your belongings so no harm is rendered during transportation when jostled. Further, our professionals in storage will be ultra careful when unloading your valuables to their designated space of storage with self-storage in Dubai.

Constant security for self-storage facilities in Dubai

Customers might choose to include numerous things in self-storage facilities in Dubai. Sometimes the very purpose of resorting to self-storage in Dubai is due to heightened security and constant surveillance of items. Your storage units in Dubai remain under the wing of comprehensive systems of alarms and  CCTV cameras in place to ensure your precious valuables and belongings would remain protected always. On the other hand, no one else will be given access to your storage units in Dubai but you, making it an even more secure solution . Our team will ensure to keep an eye on your space in your presence as well as in your absence, as one would expect when they choose self-storage in Dubai.

Best options and services for self-storage

When you resort to Self-storage in Dubai with storage Dubai, you really are keen on receiving a wholesome service from you your service provider. Our professional team of handlers will be in your side to ensure that your items are safe within the facility. Further, when you choose self-storage in Dubai, you opt for constant surveillance of your items and ensure nothing is lost or left damaged within the premises.

Clean self-storage spaces

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness and this is a virtue we prioritize constantly. Typically when customers resort to self-storage in Dubai they would do so with the aim of receiving storage premises that are free from pests whilst adhering to standards on cleanliness. Your belongings matter to us, hence why we prioritize maintaining the cleanliness of our facilities of self-storage in Dubai

Temperature-controlled facilities for self-storage

Humidity is a major concern in most countries with a warm climate, such as Dubai. Hence why we go above and beyond to offer customers self-storage in Dubai with controlled temperature and climate control to suit the items in storage. Growths such as Mould, fungi, and bacteria, etc that could grow on your precious belongings can be avoided by maintaining just the right temperature when self-storage in Dubai is chosen. After all, the whole purpose of maintaining the quality of self-storage in Dubai will be lost if your items are left in a worse state than when they were received.

What items can you store with self-storage?

What are things you can do after you find a self-storage space in Dubai?

Once the hard task of finding self-storage in Dubai is put out of the way, the next would be to consider what happens after. If you are unaware of what to do after, fear not as we will guide you through this aspect to leave you free of any doubts!

Cleaning storage space

While this may seem unnecessary when our self-storage in Dubai is chosen, it would be prudent to go over to your storage space or unit and give it one last scrub and a wipe to ensure the space is clean before loading your items.

Wipe your items

Next, you might want to consider giving your items a quick wipe before they are left at self-storage in Dubai. This can be done to ensure your items are free of dust or grime, especially if you are an option for the temperature/climate-controlled option for self-storage in Dubai.

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