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Household packing companies

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Reach out to household packing companies to take the hecticness out of your move and make it a far more enjoyable process. Moving is chaotic as it is, keep reading about how companies handle the packing process according to your requirements to help yourself prepare better. 


Why choose the services of professional household packing companies?

When it is time for a dental check-up, you would visit a dentist who is a professional and not a physician. Neither would you visit a relative or friend. So why should moving be any different?

Relocating entails a long list of to-dos that you would otherwise forego if you were to do it on your own. Trust us when we say this, it is not at all easy. After all, a relocation or move will involve so much of other tasks and obligations that you will be responsible for. This is why you should leave the packing to the professionals. They have received experience from not but perhaps hundreds and thousands of relocations which makes them experts in the field.

In case you were to think that packing is easy as just wrapping your things and then chucking them at the back of your car or truck; you are greatly mistaken. Let’s be honest, you will have a host of other formalities that will require your undivided attention by this point. There is a checklist of factors that you must take into account prior to embarking on this long and tedious journey.

You will be busy

The packing process will be far from unicorns and rainbows. If you thought what it was going to be. While you always have the option to handle this aspect of your relocation on your own, you will be consumed by a host of other tasks and responsibilities. As they say, relocation is no easy feat.

Now, are you contemplating what other factors you will have to take into account? Safely transporting important documentation such as birth certificates, vehicle registration, legal documentation, medical records, etc, enrolling your children in schools, daycares or nurseries, hotel room booking and so much more. If you are working, then you will have to consider your work situation, recreational activities for your family, work around the house, the process of refurbishment and furnishings, and other minor fixtures around the house.

Have you got pets? Chances are you’d be a major pet lover in that case. You will have to look into the needs of your precious pet, and this is not even a question. They will form a major part of your relocation too. Everything will have to be looked into from their food to well-being and shelter.

Let’s say you choose to hire the services of professional packers and movers, you will definitely give yourself peace of mind. Relieve yourself of the burden at least a tad bit.


Well equipped

As a customer,  just simply cannot expect you to have each and every tool to pack your stuff better. This is probably one of the most important reasons you should hire professional packers. They will almost always have everything you will need to make your relocation a smooth one. From tape, and packing peanuts to boxes, they will have it all.

You might probably have to face unnecessary costs if you were to buy all the materials and tools you would have needed to pack your things.

Bubble wrap, blankets, boxes, styrofoam, tape, and even boxes are all needed to protect your stuff. Keep in mind these are not your everyday regular packing tools. Only heavy-duty materials will be used by packers to protect your items. This will typically be against any kind of shock that can potentially damage your items.

Household packing companies are cost-efficient in the long term

If you thought that hiring companies to pack your household items was expensive, well you are wrong. They can actually be quite the opposite in the long run. Allow us to tell you how.

The thing is, full-service movers and packers are a package deal. They will most probably propose to you a solution which is off. This means everything, yes we mean everything will be paid for. You will not have to make separate payments for materials and tools required to safely pack your household items.

This certainly is not the case, in fact, it would be quite the opposite if you handled it by yourself. You would probably have to make not one but several trips to the grocery store to make frequent purchases. Which will be a lot if you take into account transport costs and time spent on these trips (which are completely avoidable).

Fast and efficient

If you DIY-ed the packing process on your own, you would be a little slow. This is especially the case if it happens to be your first time packing or even relocating houses.

Packers pack and load day in and out. That is practically their job which makes this process for them. When you have experienced hundreds of moves and relocations, the process becomes second in nature for you. This is why the professionals are faster and good at what they do – making the process a whole lot better for their clients. Not only are they fast, but they are also reliable, more reason for you to hire professional packers.

Tips to pack your household goods successfully

  • Use tape – you can use tape to tightly wrap your boxes and even items when you bubble wrap them. By colour coding your boxes with bright coloured tape and markers, you will know exactly where everything is. You can categorize fragile items for instance in a bring red, which will ultimately alert the movers to be careful when moving.
  • categorize items that can be packed together – This can include a set of items such as toys, winter clothing, or even tools that can be kept together. Or if you own any valuable pieces of artwork, these can be packed together.
  • Avoid packing all rooms at once – pack one room at any given time. Avoid trying to do it all at once. Doing so will leave you disorganized, confused, and stressed by the end of it all.
  • Disassembling items that can be disassembled – Taking certain household items such as furniture or even electric appliances as a whole will consume a lot of space. Take them apart, you will be surprised at how much space is created.
  • Don’t close all boxes  – Avoid closing all boxes prior to moving day. By leaving some of them open, you will be able to pack the everyday necessities you will need until moving day. This can include a couple of items of clothing, snacks, toilet paper, utensils, cutlery, cups and plates (plastic ofcourse), medicine, and a couple of beverages to help you quench your thirst. These boxes can be loaded into your own vehicle. Keep them in close proximity so you have access to them whenever you need to.
  • Essentials in one box  – you can include of toiletries, clothing, medicine, liquids, and certain important documentation in this box. Not everything- just the important ones such as identification).
  • Medicine- Make sure your medication is properly sealed and taped. Avoid this and you will have medicine gushing on your other stuff which may include valuables. Oh, and let’s not even get to the damage it will cause.