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Indoor Automobile Storage in Dubai

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Automobile Storage in Dubai

Where can I keep my car in Dubai?

If you’re looking for a car storage facility close to Dubai, AEON Myspace is the convenient solution for you. You can store your car for the short term or long term.

They provide an affordable rate for your car storage solution. Car pickup and drop off services are also available to suit your requirements.

All cars at MySpace will be monitored regularly and a log is maintained which will be provided along with your car.

Car storage in Dubai

Hassle-free Car Storage in Dubai

Storing your car in Dubai city limits should be a hassle-free process, convenient location and cost-effective option for you.

Whether you are travelling on an official trip or vacation, out of space, or leaving Dubai permanently, AEON Myspace can help.

AEON Myspace makes the indoor car storage process hassle and easy. They also create a tailor-made storage plan just for you.

AEON Myspace car storage experts of the team are ready to assist you throughout the storage plan; booking process, your storage type, and most importantly storage budget.

Indoor Storage Features

  • Climate Control Indoor Automobile Storage.
  • Fully air-conditioned Indoor Automobile Storage.
  • Long or short term Indoor Automobile Storage.
  • 24/7 access to your car.
  • 24/7 CCTV.
  • Competitive pricing & insurance.
  • Automobile pickup and drop off services in the UAE.

Indoor Automobile Storage in Dubai (A Safe Place to Park your car)

AEON Myspace automobile storage company in Dubai offers a safe and secure warehouse to park a car.

A fully air-conditioned and trained team takes care of the car’s status.

You can park any type of vehicle whether it’s a long truck, heavy vehicle, personal car or motorbike.

Their automobile storage services are used by a number of local companies and individuals both living in UAE or travelling who want their vehicles to be stored in a safe place.

AEON Myspace automobile storage caters to –

  • Exclusive offer car storage services and spaces for higher-end vehicles
  • Large fleets owned by corporations
  • Heavy vehicles
  • RV
  • Any type of classic or exotic motorbike to quad bike

VIP Car Storage is conveniently located in Dubai DIP just 15 minutes from Jebel Ali Port.

You’ll get the best price in the market for long term parking and storage for your vehicle at our new indoor secure facility.

Amazing rates for car parking spaces in Dubai

Ideal Automobile storage for:

  • Classic, high value and investment cars
  • Summer or holiday car storage in Dubai
  • Extra, covered parking space in Dubai


Thinking about a safe place to store cars?
You will be required to consider options for car storage in Dubai
If you are searching for storage companies in Dubai, consider the below details


Vehicle storage services in Dubai for your convenience. A large warehouse located in Dubai with covered indoor vehicle parking space is available to store your cars.

At AEON Myspace there is ample space of 25,000 square feet of covered indoor parking available to store cars. In the closed parking space, CCTV cameras are also installed.

The car parking space warehouse company offers contacts on a short-term and long-term storage basis.

How much does it cost to store your car?

The minimum price for storing normal vehicles with the company is AED 550 per month and the price for storing luxury vehicles is AED 1,600 per month.

If you don’t have a big spacious garage or if you are going for a long vacation, you could park your cars in closed, air-conditioned car storage that keeps your vehicle away from Dubai’s scorching sun.

If you had bought a brand new car before being able to sell the older one, and have no space to park two cars, you can use Myspace car storage in Dubai to park the vehicle till the car is sold.

Also, if you require to ship the car you can simply ship via AEON Shipping LLC. They handle affordable car shipping processes internationally.

Vintage Car Storage in Dubai

If you have a hobby of collecting vintage cars, however, you don’t have enough space to park them safely, and time to take care of them, you could use Myspace car storage in Dubai.

The vintage car storage facilities in Dubai not only offer you a space to park your favourite cars but also continuously monitor and record these in a log.

At AEON Myspace car storage company also offers regular maintenance checks if the car is stored for a long period of time hence to make sure your car is in perfect condition.

Now that you are aware of their processes you can easily get in touch with them and use their vehicle storage facilities in Dubai. If you are looking specifically for companies dealing with luxury vehicle storage, AEON Myspace also offers this service for a good rate.

Myspace car storage in Dubai is now able to offer secure indoor vehicle storage solutions at its newly built, well-maintained warehouse facility in Dubai.
Our storage team are all well trained and can ensure that your car is well-taken care of during its stay with Myspace.

Ideal for:

  • Classic, high value and investment cars
  • Summer or holiday storage in Dubai
  • Weekend drivers
  • Extra, covered Indoor Automobile Storage Solutions in Dubai
  • If you planning to sell your car, the best place to place the car for inspection.