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Land Freight and storage services in Dubai, UAE

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land freight and storage services in the UAE

Are you planning of moving to the UAE and want to find a reliable shipping and storage services provider who can handle the whole process for you?

Land transport includes an array of all standard freight delivery services via closed or open trucks.

With the nature, need size and how urgency of your logistics needs, their team can make sure that your cargo package will reach the desired location in a limited time frame.

Because you can simply store your shipment at AEON Myspace and dispatch it from their warehouse to the appropriate location.

So their team can handle the whole pickup and delivery process for you within the desired time frame. 

land freight and storage services in the UAE

land freight and storage services in the UAE

Land Freight cargo shipping services in the UAE

AEON team will coordinate with you for the pickup process or simply you can drop off the cargo items at their warehouse in Dubai.

The storage and delivery process to the new location can be handled by their team as advised.

Storage services and prices are mentioned and you can contact the friendly team for further details and offers.

And they can handle unpacking services if you require them. Cargo can be shipped across the Middle East or simply within the Gulf.

Affordable rates for land freight and storage services in Dubai

AEON Myspace is well-equipped with all kinds of vehicles needed for the moving and storing process to minimise any damage to the goods and deliver soon for your land relocation needs in Dubai.

Because their friendly customer service staff will be guiding you every step of the way throughout the entire cargo shipping process to delivery.

So the trained staff will fulfil and handle your shipment with care and is ready to take necessary measures to deliver your cargo with minimum delay.

And their reliable transportation infrastructure ensures safe and speedy delivery to clients’ new locations. All transportation requirements are handled by us.

Land Cargo Moving Services within the GCC include:

  • FCL & LCL 
  • FTL & LTL 
  • Local Pickup and Deliveries
  • In-house handling of documentation and clearance
  • Transport Coordination
  • Door-to-door Delivery
  • Packing and wrapping 
  • Shifting and Relocations
  • Unpacking and re-arranging  
  • Storage services in Dubai
  • Temperature-Controlled Self Storage 
  • Mesh rack storage 
  • Storage per box or per suitcase
  • Shelf Storage 
Cargo storage and shipping services in Dubai

AEON Myspace is based in Dubai with more than a decade of experience in the storage and shipping industry and is well-prepared and equipped when it comes to your storing your cargo with us. Whether you’re looking to store personal documents, furniture or more oversized household items.

All will be detailed and marked in an inventory form. You can apply for insurance you can contact the AEON Myspace team for more information. There are three types of storage services at  AEON Myspace in Dubai to choose from and also offer discounts for long-term plans and much more. There is 24-hour surveillance, security guards and a dedicated team for pick-up and delivery service in the UAE.



  • Residential Moving
  • Corporate Relocation
  • International Move
  • Land Freight services within the UAE
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Pet Relocation 

Residential Moving in Dubai

You don’t need to spend time sorting and packing let AEON Myspace handle the whole process for you, You can simply concentrate on your business while they do the moving process for you. It’s that convenient with AEON Myspace!

AEON team are dedicated to giving you the personal care, pick up, pack and any attention needed to make your relocation process a complete success.

They understand exactly what it means to pick up your whole life’s worth of items and move within a limited time frame. They have the manpower and equipment to overcome the moving challenge without interrupting your busy lifestyle.

Across the city or around the globe, they’ll take care of all your belongings in their storage facility and ship the items back once you settle they can even help you adjust to a new location by handling the unpacking process.


Contact AEON Myspace regarding residential moving from Dubai 

Corporate Relocation in Dubai 

You may be relocating your office or business inventory to a new location. Hence you require temporary space for storing your good safely. Due to the rapidly developing Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where there is continual growth, more opportunities, luxury, and tax-free living. 

Your aim this year could be of expanding or relocating your business for the betterment of your company by establishing a branch in Dubai or within the UAE.

The team at AEON Myspace can assist you while handling the whole pickup, packing and storing with them until you had sorted a new business set up in the UAE.

And the staff want to assist and make your company a successfully operated business in UAE emerging markets.

International Move from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Finding a highly experienced and reputable moving company is tactful however you should consider their experience in the market.

AEON Myspace has over a decade of experience the storage and shipping services in Dubai.

Because of the packers and movers that UAE residents trust and worked with, hence you can rest assured that your moving process will be stress-free and hassle-free.

Their expansive global network internationally of movers means they are well equipped to handle your move smoothly up to your doorstep.


AEON Myspace has hygienically clean and well-maintained self-storage services along with temperature-controlled cabins to suit your storage needs.

The logistic company has a reputation for highly efficient domestic and international moving services within the United Arab Emirates.

The company has all the necessary manpower and equipment to handle your job without any errors. They will take an inventory check and do a daily checkup.

If you are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Jumeirah, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai Marina or even within the UAE, they’re able to provide you with exceptional and convenient relocation services at competitive rates.

So they can handle all kinds of logistics requirements from small to large for your international move needs.

Because they have successfully done many relations services to many customers moving from the UAE to Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA.