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Luxury vehicle storage facilities

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When you own an exotic vehicle, secure and clean storage is a must. Luxury vehicle storage facilities are dedicated to provide you just that.

What is luxury vehicle storage?

Luxury vehicles are an investment. It really is a dream come true, to be able to purchase your dream car. You will have to provide adequate care for your vehicle in order to maintain that elegant nature often seen in luxury vehicles.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the procedure on how to take care of your exotic vehicle. Afterall, they cost a fortune to buy. You will have to consider a number of factors that may range from cleanliness to storage. This is all important to ensure your vehicle will not be subject to damage in the long run.

Luxury vehicle storage is great since you can be guaranteed that your vehicle will remain in excellent condition while it is in storage. Luxury storage facilities unlike the regular kind are equipped with adequate facilities. If the safety of your vehicle was what you were worried about, well worry no more. Secure and climate controlled features will guarantee the best care for your luxury vehicle while it is in storage.

Storage facilities for such purposes are specially designed to preserve as well as protect luxury vehicles. We understand that quality matters at the end of the day. Whether you are seeking long term or short term storage, you will surely find the option that suits your vehicle best.

Reasons to resort to luxury vehicle storage facilities

Storage facilities for your luxury vehicle come in handy on numerous occasions. For one, if you are lacking space at home, you can easily free some space. It would not make sense to keep it around specially in case you have got a full garage. Leaving your luxury vehicle out in the open is not exactly ideal. It will go down in quality since it is prone to damage. Repairing the damage might cost you a fortune which entails an unnecessary expense which could have been been avoided. Apart from rendering your car the security aspect, protection against natural elements such as rain or shine is to be expected while your car is in storage. Here are some features for you to expect.

How do luxury vehicle storage facilities differ from regular storage?

Ane exceptional service is what you can expect when you choose a storage facility for your vintage, luxury or exotic car. From access to maintenance, you can expect nothing less than the best treatment. Professionals would treat your vehicle like their own since they know how important your vehicle is to you. Keep reading to find out how luxury storage facilities stand out from the mundane.

Easy access to storage

Valet parking in vehicle storage seems unheard of, but don’t be surprised. When we say companies render the best services for luxury vehicles, we mean it! Services to have your car picked up and dropped off whenever is great since it will help you gain access to your vehicle when you need to. For instance, the storage facility will prepare your car and bring it to your desired location in time for pick up.

Smooth experience

What every smooth experience luxury car storage warrants for is for it to be easily accessible. This is one great feature visible in most storage facilities accommodating the storage of your exotic or vintage car. It typically should not feel like a chore, when it is time to take your vehicle out of the storage facility. You’d be delighted to know that there are Apps that now let you schedule check in and check out. This allows you to change access easily, it really spells convenience at its highest.

Avoidance of unncessary costs

When you resort to this service, rest assured your vehicle will be placed in safe hands. This entails the avoidance of dust and moisture whilst the best services rendered to your vehicle while it is in storage. All this and more will avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle that could be resulted otherwise. Improper care to your car will cause unnecessary damage and you will encounter extra costs as a result.

Keeping your vehicle in your garage while you ate a way might even sound like a cheaper option. Costs aside, you will encounter additional costs on the long term damage to your exotic vehicle. Which could have been avoided if it was place under the safe custody of a storage company.

Mandatory periodic maintenance

Unlike its counterpart, luxury vehicles need to be taken care of with utmost care and precision. They are the finest of its kind. Naturally where maintenance is concerned it will take more than just a few body washes to maintain these types of vehicles.

Most facilities designed for luxury vehicle storage will entrust mechanics and crew members to observe the regular maintenance of your car. This includes running checks on battery, check parts such as tires, car seats, the interior, exterior and even oil. Your car will be washed regularly to ensure no dust is left on its exterior. Dust does more damage to paintwork than you could imagine. On the other hand, it is vital to keep you car stored indoors. They must be stored in a manner than does not allow for moisture or dust to seep in. Improperly storing your vehicle can render a sizeable damage to your vehicle.

It is vital to prepare your vehicle prior to keeping them in a storage facility. Getting your vehicle ready is something you ought to spend  some time on. Clean your car both on the inside as well as its exterior. Make sure you leave nothing inside. Especially food, if forgotten is capable of causing long term damage. Creams used to condition leather is also great to keep the interior shiny and nice.

Another useful tip would be an oil change and pumping fuel till the tank is full. This should be done if you plan to keep your vehicle in storage for a long period of time.

Are you keen in receiving your vehicle in pristine condition? Fortunately, elite storage companies will have all this and more planned out for you.

Improvement in vehicle condition while in luxury storage facilities

When it comes to finding a storage facility for your car, you need one that will improve the condition of your car and not otherwise. Keeping perfection in mind, luxury car storage will take ample time and effort to ensure it is maintained at this. For instance, offering features such as ceramic coatings would offer a protective layer against dust particles in a microscopic level.

Storage options

Regular car starts, inspections and detailed reports are some options offered if you decide to keep your vehicle in long term storage. These are some basic amenities in store for you by excellent storage providers to enhance the quality of their service, as well as your car. Inspections through video as well as picking up and delivering your vehicle to you upon the conclusion of its period of service.

Community and bonding

You are also bound to find a sense of community by choosing storage options for your luxury vehicle. It is inevitable for you to come across other enthusiasts of cars who also resort to this service. You will learn quite a bit about the area by mingling with other recipients of the service. Imagine chatting for hours on a shared hobby where you learn heaps and transfer some of your knowledge in the process too. Talking to other individuals who are also like minded will open your pathway to methods they resort to in the maintenance of their vehicles as well.

certain companies will even host certain events and sessions which would also be great to mingle with other car enthusiasts. Speak to collectors who will share their knowledge on this amazing hobby. Knowledge after all is one of the greatest assets one could have. Being in the same room as those with a similar hobby is the best way to learn.

Things you must consider in long term luxury vehicle storage

Long term storage is indeed convenient. However, it is likely to result in certain complications if left dormant for too long. Multiple factors will have to be considered prior to keeping your vehicle in storage.  This includes the financial aspect, mechanical aspect as well as logistical aspect. If stored incorrectly, the following could be expected.

Drainage of battery while in luxury vehicle storage facilities

Were you aware of the fact that vehicles use up electricity although they are left dormant? Interestingly, electricity is used up by several features that include the radio, clock and even devices of anti theft. Recharging typically takes place when the car is up and running. However this is not the case when your car is parked for extended periods of time. If you have noticed your vehicle battery dead following prolonged periods of non usage, this should explain why.

Ideally, companies that offer luxury storage must offer to start the vehicle periodically. The vehicle must be driven or even started at least one day of the week. Find a storage company whom you may entrust this service to. If this is not possible, yo can consider disconnective negative cables of your vehicles. This option although tempting prefers quite a risk, so we suggest you demonstrate it under professional supervision. What this does is that it avoids your battery from draining and thus will not result on the drainage of your battery.

Accumulation of moisture

It is quite likely for unnecessary moisture along with dust particles to make its way into the sensitive parts of your vehicle if stored for too long. The build up of moisture for days or even months is likely to cause condensation in the oil tank. Drops of moisture created through this condensation will mix with the fuel in your tank. This then leads to the unnecessary contamination of gas in your fuel tank. Sputtering of your engine, low power when accelerating and damage to the fuel system are amongst the long term damage to your car.

Are you now thinking of ways to avoid this problem? One suggestion would be to keep your car stored with a full tank of fuel. This makes it difficult for the accumulation of moisture within the tank.

Flattening of car tires

When parked for long in one place, your car tends to exert immense pressure on its tires. With the progression of time, this pressure exerts enough pressure to the point that it might cause the tires to flat out. This affects the overall durability of the tire and also its performance. We suggest you keep an eye out on this feature if your storage company is based in an area that is chilly since it tends to be common in such areas.

In order to avoid this, inflate the tires at the level recommended by your manufacturer. This delays any form of flattening that may take place potentially. This issue can also be countered by ensuring the vehicle is moved around periodically. Especially if you plan on keeping your vehicle in storage for a period exceeding a period of one month, this must be attended to. Parking can take place once every two or three weeks.

Contamination of oil

Moisture in the engine is likely to infiltrate oil in your tank. This dilutes the motor oil and that tends to be detrimental in the long run. Typically, driving your car would cause this excessive moisture to evaporate. Although when you keep your vehicle parked for extended periods of time, this process isn’t accommodated. Which is likely to result in the accumulation of moisture in the vehicle’s fuel chamber. This is detrimental to the other parts of the car such as those that move due to the lack of adequate lubrication.

Consider getting an oil change. This should perhaps be the more viable method to counter this issue. Considering the oil in your engine chamber is likely to be contaminated, to begin with,

Damage to exterior

You might sometimes decide to keep your vehicle outside. Parking your vehicle outside is extremely irresponsible as it is capable of causing damage to the paint job of your vehicle. Parking outside for extended periods of time can be detrimental to your vehicle. Debris, dirt or even grime can cause extensive damage to the surface of the vehicle. When left outside, a layer is formed as a result of the accumulation of dirt and dust. This causes the protective layer to wear off and so sull be subject to damage from the sun and even scratches.

We suggest you keep your car parked in a temperature controlled environment to avoid the above issues. These facilities even control the humidity, so moisture can be controlled easily. Fully equipped storage facilities are helpful to keep debris and unnecessary dust particles off the protective coat of your vehicle

Damage from pests

Rodents are pesky creatures and they can seek refuge in vehicles if left parked for  along period of time. Unfortunately they tend to seek refuge in cozy environments and vehicles make up for ideal options. They truly are unpleasant creatures. If left unattended, they are capable of causing long term damage to the interior of your vehicle. Luxury cars are expensive, so getting them repaired is not going to be the most cheapest. Apart from this, they are even capable of chewing off hoses, and cables and even go to the extent of colonising the vehicle. Oh lets not forget the droppings that are unhygienic and hazardous.

To avoid the mess, ensure you have removed all particles of food from your vehicle. Old pieces of food, candy, food wrappers and even cardboard entice pests. For a better job, we suggest you adequately vacuum your vehicle.

Effect on brakes

Breaks tend to rust if they are kept in one place for for a long time. If you have not properly stored your vehicle for example it will attract humidity and even salt form the road. Jamming of the brakes are in fact a result of corrossopm. This will be tumultuous if you end up getting stuck mid way.

Preparing the brakes of your vehicle go a long way. so, this can ideally be done by starting your vehicle to engage the brakes.