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Self storage units

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Modern needs require modern solutions and self storage units are here to take care of your needs.

self storage units

self storage

What are self storage units?

Self storage units have marvellous benefits for their users. Before we dive into it, lets take a look at what exactly it is, shall we?

Self storage is a concept that has picked up pace over the past couple of years. Self storage lets you access your items whenever your need arises. It is a short term solution and you will not be required to make a long term commitment any time soon. Ofcourse, you plan will depend on your individual needs.

Increasingly more and more people are not starting to keep their stuff in self storage. Space is a luxury that not everyone can afford. So the best solution to keep personal belongings is to rent out a self storage space.

Finding an apartment with enough storage space can be tough unless you’re lucky. This is especially common amongst new expats. Let’s be honest, having that extra bit of space is everything.

Finding self storage units in Dubai

In Dubai particularly, many people are in the constant search for extra storage space. From personal belongings, to electronic equipment, appliances you don’t use anymore to even files and books.  Storage in Dubai is the best place undoubtedly to find a storage solution that fits all your needs.

It does not stop there. Clutter can be a burden to your space as well as to your mind. Do you have things that you no  longer use lying around your home? Are they taking up more space than they require? No one likes to live in a cluttered space. You might have ample things lying around your home. Organized working spaces and even a household eases the mind and helps you get on with your day to day activities. A self storage space will address all of the above issues. It has easy access, it is convenient and will have a lasting impact on your productivity.

Reasons you might resort to self storage units

Self storage units in Dubai will make your life easy. It creates extra space whether you are at home or are an owner of a business. Focusing or getting on with your day in a space that is cluttered can be difficult. It will give you sense of discomfort. On the other hand it will also irritate you quite a bit. Self storage is amazing for being reliable, affordable and convenient. Since not everyone has ample space in their homes, more and more people are now resorting to this service. Do you live in an apartment with limited space? Maybe a large item will end up taking up most space, not leaving enough space for other things. This is common with students, small business owners and some home owners. Keen to find out reasons why customers choose this service? Keep reading to find out.

Relocation of house

Your time might have come to move out of your home. Maybe your family has outgrown the current space. Or maybe you have now received that exciting job offer you have always been waiting for. Things can get chaotic closer to the date of moving, we understand. This is why self storage might be the best place for temporary storage that will be available to you given the circumstances. It is after all cheap, affordable and convenient. It will just be a matter of collecting your valuables from storage when moving day approaches.

Renovation of house

We understand that relocating is not the best option always. Specially with costs in housing that are on the constant rise. It could also be the strong sense of attachment you feel with your home that is keeping you from moving.  Your next best option then would be to renovate your home.  It is far more affordable, in comparison to a complete relocation given the current economic climate. Supposing you are planning to extend your home and give it a complete make over, you will not have adequate space for all of your things. The next best thing to do would be to put your items in self storage. Valuable items and even rare ornaments and furniture are best left in the care of storage companies since they will be subject to constant monitoring.

Decluttering space

We get it, most of us love hoarding. We do feel some sort of connection to our things and that is completely normal. Even whether we actually use them or now. This is fine as long as you have a proper place to keep your things. It becomes an issue when you don’t. Self storage units help you with decluttering your home. Things such as old toys, decorations, sporting gear or even ornaments that are no longer in use or rarely used can be kept here.


If you are finding yourself downsizing, you could either be moving to a new home or an office space. This can happen due to multiple reasons. Like if you are moving to a place temporarily. Throwing away items such as furniture or electrical appliances is probably not a practical thing to do. Since they will come to better use later on you can can always decide to keep them in self storage.

Travelling abroad for work

You must have just received that job offer abroad that you have been eyeing forever. Now that it is here, you will not be able to take everything along with you. It could also be that keeping your items at home simply is not an option. They might not be safe and secure at home or might lose its quality due to poor conditions of temperature.

You might even decide to rent your place out while you’re gone. In such instances it would not be practical to throw your belongings out. Self storage units will safely hold your items for you until you return.

Equipment and tools

You will not need certain equipment and tools right throughout the year. They might come in handy perhaps once or twice a year. Perhaps they are even seasonal. Equipment used in the garden, tools or even certain garden furniture can be kept in self storage units. Specially if you live in a cold area, outdoor lounge furniture and equipment cannot be kept throughout the year.

Benefits of having an extra bit of space

That extra bit of space is everything when it comes to easing your mind. We understand that an apartment with ample space is hard to come by, specially if you are new to the place. Self storage units are the ultimate solution to this issue. Here are some amazing benefits of self storage solutions.

Secure sites

When you decide to keep your items in storage, you do so by taking into account the aspect of security. The site should be well protected against thieves and other individuals who have no access to the premises. To know that your items are under constant surveillance also eases the customer’s mind. This is something to look at when you decide to rent out self storage space.

Protection to items

Rest assured, your items will be well protected when they are left in self storage. What we mean by that is that self storage maintains the quality of your items. You will receive them the same way they were when you left them in storage. This owes to the fact that most self storage facilities maintain climate controlled units. The existence of temperature controlled units entails the fact that the quality of your items can be maintained in the same manner.

Periodic treatments in the storage units will be done to maintain cleanliness of the surrounding. We think this is pretty awesome also since it keeps the dust and pests away. Self storage really is the perfect package after all.

Flexibility of self storage units

Self storage is an amazing solution to be used in the short term, or sporadically, whichever you prefer. Since there arent any set periods of time, customers are free to keep their items in self storage for as long as or as little as they like. This really is one of the best perks of choosing this service. Suppose you are to remove your items from the storage unit. You will be able to do so hassle and stress free. The entire purpose of self storage after all is to be able to gain access to your items whenever you wish.

What can’t you keep in self storage units?

If you are refurbishing, remodelling or relocating. self storage is a great place for you to keep your things. While you can keep many things in storage, there are certain items that storage companies will not accept. It is best to find out now what you cannot keep in storage than to find out later. This way you will be able to make plans on what to do next.

Hazardous items

Hazardous items will not be accepted by most self storage companies. Simply because they could be highly flammable, combustible or even toxic. Not only do they pose a threat to those handling them but also to the things that belong to other customers. Hazardous items can include paint, turpentine, certain household cleaners,  kerosene, oil,  fertilizer and even thinner. These items must be disposed of with great care during relocation.

Food items

Food items are mostly perishable. This makes them a safe haven for pests, rodents and even mould. It is difficult to retain their freshness or quality, even in high tech climate controlled facilities. Bugs and other pests can damage the premises which is detrimental to other customers and their stuff. So even if you are planning on storing non-perishables, it is always best to communicate with the storage company. This lets you see if you are in line with their policies and rules.


Weapons, ammunition and firearms will not most certainly be accepted by storage companies. Flame throwers, hand grenandes, guns and even firecrackers are substances that could potentially go off involuntarily. These substances can even harm a person. In the other hand they would even go to the extent of damaging belongings of other customers. Due to these reasons, storage companies will not accept any sort of weaponry in their storage units.

Illegal items

Are you thinking of putting illegal or items that have been stolen in storage companies? This is a huge no. Such items must not be put in storage and they will not be accepted by storage companies. Particularly items that are categorised as illegal. If you were to proceed with storage, employees are at liberty to contact security services and police in case a suspicion was to arise.

Living or dead things

Such things include items such as plants, fungi, and even animals – dead or alive. Storage companies will not accept such items at any cost since they attract other pests. They will also affect the cleanliness and overall hygiene of the storage premises.

Things with moisture

There are certain items that are likely to get wet or attract moisture. Such items must not be kept in storage unless they are dry. If stored with moisture, they can grow mould and maybe mildew. It will not be in the same quality it was when you initially put it. It might even add liability if other items that belong to other customers are also affected as a result. We suggest you lay off the wet things or make a clear assessment prior to keeping them in storage.


A self storage space or any storage unit is not the place to keep large sums of money. Banks and deposit boxes exist for this very reason. These places afford far better protection to money than a storage unit would.

High value items

Are you planning on keeping high value items in storage? Now storage companies do facilitate some high value items. They are also well protected, yes. However there are certain items that you must not stash away in a storage unit. There is a sense of liability involved in the storage of such items. This can involve unforeseen circumstances that can later destroy, damage or even lead to the loss of your items. Insurance involved with such items is high. So storage companies will be quite particular when considering whether to keep such items in storage.

Storage companies are also quite particular even when it comes to items made of furs, or the storage of fur in general. This is because they require a temperature controlled environment, which would otherwise damage the fur. Even a small amount of light can alter the quality of these items. We suggest you contact a storage provider who specialises in the storage of such items in advance. This ensures that the conditions required are met.

Organizing your self storage unit

creating an inventory goes a long way. It will help you understand exactly what is where. It can be a difficult thing to remember each and everything that you decide to keep in storage. Since you will be keeping multiple items that are not very large, you wont know what went where. Avoid this chaos by making a list.

You can also decide to keep your items in clear containers or bins. Since they are transparent you will know what is inside, In the longer term, if you decide to keep your items in self storage, plastic containers might be a good investment.