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How to choose a Car Storage Facility in Dubai?

Published by shivanthi medagoda on

storage warehouse in Dubai

Car Storage and Car Shipping Facility from Dubai to Internationally

If you are hoping to store your car in a storage warehouse in Dubai you need to be able to understand to choose reliable and convenient car storage and car shipping services in Dubai. Economical car storage and car shipping facility from Dubai to Internationally. Car storage and car shipping facility from Dubai to Internationally.

The car storage warehouse should be in a convenient location and having car storage options to suit your needs and budget. Ideally, the car should be stored in a closed environment like a garage.

Also, the car should be able to be driven in and out within the car storage warehouse. Easy drive-up access to the car storage warehouse in Dubai.

Are you searching for a reliable and cost-effective car storage company in Dubai?

If you are planning to store your classic cars and expensive vehicles, you should consider the vehicle safety and environment. 

Aeon Shipping offers a necessary environment for Car Storage and Car Shipping.

Choosing the right service that suits your budget and needs is especially important for classic cars and expensive vehicles. 

Car Storage for affordable and economical rates. There could be many reasons as to why you require car storage in Dubai.

You could be travelling overseas and want to store your car in safe hands and also to take care of your car while you are not around. 

Safe and secure car storage in Dubai. Car Storage and Car Shipping Facility from Dubai to Internationally

Car Storage in Dubai

Whether you are hoping to store the car and sell overseas and ship from Dubai.

Aeon Shipping Car Storage and Shipping can help you out with overseas car shipping as well.

They have well over a decade of experience in the shipping industry.

They have the necessary equipment and manpower to handle your car storage and car shipping needs in the UAE.

If you are looking for a vehicle storage facility in the UAE that is close to a port or an airport it is easy to ship internationally.

However, you have to consider the reliability and safety of your car.

Car Storage and Car Shipping Facility from Dubai to Internationally

storage warehouse in Dubai

You can visit AEON Shipping LLC warehouse and consider their services for car storage and the storage options available.

Below are a few tips that you should consider for Car Storage:


Warehouse Layout -The appearance leads to a first impression hence consider the company location and their equipment. 

Aeon Shipping has the necessary equipment and a large warehouse occupying 25,000 square feet.

Storage Shelves – Check the cleanliness of a facility and its arrangement. Check how well the management cares for their possessions. What kind of shelf storage services are provided in-store. 

Whether you can pay per box, space, or suitcase, Aeon Shipping provides flexible payment plans.

Self-storage – You need to consider the location whether it’s close to the port or airport and if it is in the main city. The sizes they offer and the services that come along with self-storage.

Classic Car Storage in Dubai

Aeon Shipping LLC -Car Storage is located 15 minutes from Jebal Ali port and 15minutes to Al Maktoum International Airport, also known as Dubai World Central.

You need to check if it’s fully insulated, security and open times to access your self-storage facility in Dubai.

Contact Aeon and get offers on storage facilities in Dubai

Security personnel – good lighting surrounding and CCTV operated facility should be ideal, there could be other kinds of issues of security to consider when you choose a storage facility for auto shipping.

The company has to offer night guards and a guarantee of the safety of your belongings. They also need to provide fire prevention measures, insurance, security surveillance 24×7, and a gate

Vehicle Storage in Dubai

Occupancy – How many cars or storage items are you expecting to store at the storage facility?

You need to consider their service period in the business and also inquire about their rates.

Aeon Shipping has been in the shipping industry for over a decade and also offers flexible rate systems. 

Accessibility – Make sure you choose a convenient storage facility with 24-hour access to the warehouse.

That way, there will be no hassle when the transporter needs to arrange a pickup. 

Once you have decided on the appropriate and flexible storage facility in Dubai and you’re happy with your decision that everything is in good condition, it is time to set up your storage options in Dubai. 

Car Storage and Shipping in Dubai

When considering car storage facilities in the UAE, the three most common car storage options, namely are:-

Outdoor car storage –Your car will be parked in a large, open parking lot in front of the warehouse.

Even though this option is an affordable and cheap car storage method, it is not necessarily the best storage service, since your car will be sitting in the sun and rain, depending on the season and environment surrounding it.

Indoor car storage/VIP  – These facilities are typically large parked in the warehouse that is covered by walls and roofs.

Indoor car storage services in Dubai offer the highest level of protection for your car. 

This method is slightly costly however overall you will be spending less on car maintenance and other factors.

This indoor car storage facility is the best option for your precious car rather than a cheaper facility that may not offer the level of service and protection you expect for your car. 

Finally, you should plan and be sure of what you require and what you are paying for. Don’t compromise the safety of your car just so that you can save a few dirhams.