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Luxury Car Parking Services in Dubai

Published by shivanthi medagoda on

If you are a proud luxury car owner, you could be living in a luxury apartment or villa in Dubai. If you’re to be travelling on business or for leisure. Finding a reliable and trustworthy car parking or car storage company in Dubai is worthwhile for you. Since you don’t want your precious car to be mishandled. Explore luxury car storage in Dubai.

car storage in Dubai

Aeon My Space offers its brand new temperature indoor car parking/ car storage services to proud luxury car owners in the UAE. The facility is very attractive and maintained to its highest standard to suit your luxury car needs.

Luxury Car Storage in Dubai

Some luxury car owners in the UAE who loves to keep adding to their luxury collection of vehicles end up shifting to a luxury car storage facility when their own garage can no longer handle their car storage needs.

Luxury car storage facilities in Dubai

  • An affordable rate for long term car storage facilities in Dubai
  • Convenience to easy access to your luxury car
  • Weekly or monthly car maintenance as per customer needs
  • Inhouse car carrier types are available for pickup and drop off of your luxury vehicles
  • The trained friendly staff will be providing you with a smooth service


Much needed Conditions For Your luxury Car

Unlike regular car dedicated storage units, luxury car storage facilities at My Space is climate-controlled and provide a clean environment to ensure the vehicles stored inside the warehouse facility remain in untouched condition. Temperature Controlled and moisture levels are checked regularly and maintained at ideal levels, so your vehicle’s exterior paint, interior items, and other elements won’t be impacted.

Routine Maintenance For Your luxury Car

The main importance is proper maintenance is critical including mechanically and aesthetically.
This will be useful in the long run for your car. My Space luxury car storage trained team maintains a proper log daily of the maintenance and car conditions to keep the vehicle in the best possible conditions.

Basic regular maintenance job includes:

  • Checking tires and inflating these if necessary
  • Checking the oil and fluid levels
  • Charging and battery maintenance
  • To ensure the car’s functioning optimally, we run the engine once a week
  • Safeguards that need to be considered before putting your car in storage in Dubai
  • Insurance policy should be considered. Check with your personal insurance company that you deal with and inquire about insurance for the storage facility company.
  • Fill all fluids like transmissions, brake, oil, and coolant to its suggested top off your gas tank.
  • Clean the interior of your vehicle and remove any belongings
  • Clean the exterior of your vehicle and get some clean images of the car.
  • Request a car cover
  • Car jacks are important if you are planning to store your luxury car in storage for over a month.
  • Climate controlled car storage unit is ideal for luxury expensive cars.
  • If your stay needs to be increased inquire about the terms and conditions to extend your lease agreement.
  • Check car storage facility surrounding environment and conditions
  • Check if you can get the car shipped to your new location if necessary

Cleaning all your doubts you can sign the leasing agreement and move to handle your work hassle-free.