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How Customs Clearance Process in Dubai works

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customs clearance process in Dubai UAE

Customs Clearance Process in Dubai


Aeon Shipping LLC is one of the well experienced and experts when it comes to customs clearance agents in Dubai, UAE. 

The customs clearance process in Dubai plays a major role in undertaking the clearing process of cargo shipments through all customs procedures and paperwork.

They acquiring authorizations in regards to taxes and paying duties on behalf of importers and exporters. 

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custom clearance process in Dubai

The Customs Clearance Process is handled by their well-experienced team systematically.   

Streamlining operational activities and strengthening overall control. 

Customs clearance agents in Dubai are active in different countries.

They prepare in interconnected customs networks in order to provide smooth effective service standards. 

Their team of specialists in customs handling and managing are keeping a close lookout to improve and keep a track of any changes in customs duties and legal updates in Dubai etc. 

Why it’s best to choose Aeon Shipping customs clearance services?

They are experienced over a decade of customs clearance operations serving our delightful customers for their requirements from all seaports, airports and borders in the UAE.

When you require assistance on immediate status analysis of your cargo clearances process in Dubai, the proactive team will assist you with your requirements.

They can also help you to transport the goods to the desired location in Dubai.

How is the cargo process?

Heavy items, construction equipment or any type of goods or items can be transported across continents through freight forwarding using air, sea or land-freight options. 

Our team is trained to provide valuable assistance to importers and exporters, provide valuation and product classification, as well as various governmental regulatory obligations and necessary procedures for several Free Zones in the UAE overall.

Aeon Shipping LLC prepares flexible import and export transactions and cultivates the most powerful level of integrity with all governmental agencies on behalf of our clients.

Cargo Shipping services can also be arranged with the UAE by the same company.

How to find customs clearance agents in Dubai?

Freight forwarding is the complex process of customs clearance.

The customs clearance agents in Dubai fulfil orders and freight services moved to the required destination in a time frame.

The experienced custom clearance agent in Dubai will manage and maintain your needs.

The clients need to follow and obey the border control laws and border ministry rules that have to be followed for freight forwarding.

It is essential for any type of business hoping to transport their goods or equipment to have an efficient and knowledgeable Dubai customs clearance process.

Import Customs Clearance Services in Dubai

Aeon Shipping LLC is a leading and known company in customs clearance service in Dubai, providing a wide range of services to their customers in import and export customs clearances and many other related services. 

With the improvement of customs laws and systems, they maintain the customs clearance of Sea freight, Airfreight, and Land freight consignments in Dubai with over a decade of experience. 

Are you looking for a customs clearance company in Dubai?

Aeon Shipping LLC is one of the known and trusted customs clearance companies in Dubai, has a team of experts handling the custom process and is trustworthy. 

They provide excellent custom clearing services in Dubai and also offer storage facilities if you require them.

One of the major concerns in freight forwarding services is the complex process of customs clearance and networking with customs clearance networked agents in Dubai.

Customs Clearance Procedure in Dubai

It’s the duty of the customs clearance company in Dubai to take the trouble and effort to fulfil the processing system of documents and so forth.

If you have any trouble completing and submitting complicated documents that are lengthy and filled with legal jargon.

A customs clearance agent in Dubai will prepare your necessary papers, documents and explain the legal confusion incorporated with the border ministries and different country’s laws whether for sea transport, air freight or land freight. 

Warehousing and storage services are to be considered

Aeon Shipping will represent you during the export or import process in Dubai, in which the goods are assessed, duty payments are funded.

Our team will make sure that the products or goods are safely deposited in a warehouse in Dubai.

Aeon Shipping undertakes our client’s needs by providing them with the best solution in the customs clearance process at the appropriate time.


Special Services are offered by Aeon Shipping LLC for the customs clearance process in Dubai.

  1. Cargo tracking- The movement and date of arrival of shipments and making an effort to shorten the time required to clear shipments.
  2. Warehousing services- Status on daily basis or weekly as per client needs.
  3. Experience in fulfilling all customs clearance procedures at Jebel Ali Port also at Dubai Airports.
  4. Saving time and effort on customers through providing convenient customs clearance systems in Dubai, hence customs procedures will be completed in a fast and effective, methodical and integrated manner.
  5. Their team will provide full support services on paperwork and many more to complete all procedures in order with a high level of accuracy, leading to an improved service level.
  6. You should be aware of the items that are not allowed into the UAE and also the UAE travellers’ guide.
  7. They have set a team of experienced specialists in customs clearance available 24 hours a day to guarantee the termination of all customs procedures.
  8. They to ensure that the necessary shipping documents are prepared prior.
  9. That’s to be issued or received in order to evade wasting precious time and funds occurring from any delay.
Aim of a customs clearance service company in Dubai

A customs clearance company in Dubai, contributing sufficient cargo transportation from ports and airports to various types of welfares and materials.

After clearance and delivering them to your home or warehouse as per your requirements in the UAE. 


Documents required for import, whether your shipping personal or commercial goods:

  1. Certificate of origin
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Bill of Lading
  4. Packing statement
  5. Authorization letter
  6. You should provide health certificates for any food goods and others according to the types of imported shipments.
  7. Provide if any prior approvals and permits issued in the country of importation for some special materials.

Shipments Handled for custom clearance :

  • Food & Beverage4
  • Oil And Gas
  • Consumer electronics
  • Titles and large Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automobiles

Regarding any commercial shipments to Dubai, the registered importing company should be with the tax authority and with the customs authority.

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