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Outdoor Vehicle Parking Space in Dubai price

Published by shivanthi medagoda on

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How much does parking in Dubai cost?

Costs range from AED 17 per day and above depending on the hours and number of days the costs vary. If you planning to park your car for a long period of time, the rates can be adjusted and provide a good rate depending on the number of months.

You can choose to park the car for a day or even a month depending on your journey. AEON Myspace can also send their team who are able to handle the pickup and drop off service.

Are you looking for parking space in Dubai city limits?

You could be having two more vehicles per person in Dubai, according to a recent study provided by the Roads and Transport Authority, which puts Dubai’s vehicle density as the highest in the region and one of the highest in the world. This is why finding a parking space in Dubai feels more like hitting the jackpot.

Whether you are on business or leisure you can park your car at AEON Myspace and not worry about its safety of it. 

AEON Myspace storage facility offers 25,000 sq ft of storage space for any kind of automobile. From luxury cars, luxury boats, and yachts to RVs, quad bikes, motorbikes, heavy vehicles, and many more.  

Heading to Dubai on the weekend or on holiday? 

If you’re hoping to find a reliable parking spot in Dubai, we recommend AEON Myspace with ample as well as dedicated car parking spaces in Dubai. Rates are affordable and friendly staff who are well trained for the job.

Find the nearest private parking lot area on monthly paid rental nearby your places.

Are you travelling on the metro service and want to park your car safely Close to the metro?

Metro service is only 10  minutes away and vehicles can be picked up and dropped off if necessary.

If you require additional care services such as car cover, and car check-up maintenance. 

Apart from the fact that you don’t have enough car parking space, there are other reasons one opts for car storage in Dubai including:

If you don’t have a personal garage, have an overseas business purpose or are on a vacation, you could park your cars in a closed, air-conditioned car storage facility based in Dubai that keeps your vehicle away from Dubai’s burning sun. 

(At AEON Myspace also offers a fully air-conditioned car storage facility based in Dubai. Dedicated car storage service on a long term or short term basis).

If you bought a brand new car before selling off the older car, and have no more space to park two cars, you can use car storage in Dubai to park the vehicle till you manage to sell the car. 

If you are a car enthusiast with a collection of vintage or luxury cars but don’t have enough space to park them safely, you could use proper car storage in Dubai. 

The AEON Myspace car storage facilities in Dubai not just give you a space to park your cars, but also continuously monitor them. 

Most car storage companies also offer regular maintenance checks to make sure your car is in perfect condition and keep a record of the car’s health. 

AEON Myspace is conveniently located in Dubai Investment Park with easy access within 10 minutes to the metro & Al Maktoum International Airport.

Hence if you are hoping to travel abroad this is the best place to park your car in safe hands.

 Also, AEON Myspace is located within 5 minutes of the Expo Site and Jebel Ali Seaport.

Car parking monthly rental near me

Now that we’ve shown the importance of car storage companies in Dubai, you can conveniently get in touch with the team and use their facilities.

Parking space in Dubai, UAE

There is a standard procedure when it comes to allocating parking spaces for outdoor or indoor car parking spaces in Dubai.

Rent a parking space in Dubai

Flexible Car parking Services Facilities to suit your needs and budget.


  1. Conveniently located in Dubai Investment Park with easy access within 10 minutes to the metro & Al Maktoum International Airport. Also, Expo Site and Jebel Ali Seaport are within 5 minutes.
  2. Car pickup and drop services can be arranged.
  3. The indoor warehouse is temperature-controlled and fully air-conditioned 
  4. insurance protection is available.
  5. Compound warehouse with security around the clock including CCTV.


AEON Myspace provides the best car parking solution to suit your needs for individuals looking for affordable and convenient monthly parking.

Access the extra space to park your car whether you’re looking for short term or long term. 

If you require to ship your car internationally you can ship through AEON Shipping LLC

Do contact AEON Myspace for further details or simply apply a free quote on the link below