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Storing a car in a storage unit

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Not only are you able to keep your personal belongings in storage, but storing a car in a storage unit is also a possibility. Keep reading to understand the benefits, the why’s, and the hows of doing so!

Why will you need it before storing your car in a storage unit?

It all boils down to this one question, why exactly would you need to store your car? Let’s just say that you will have more reasons than one to do so.

from renovations to short-term trips abroad, going a way for a little while, or even maybe a family member visiting- the reasons vary.

You can always choose to keep your car in your garage, but that will be detrimental to your car. It is a long-term investment, and you must provide it the care it deserves even while you are away. The costs for leaving your car unattended to are far worse than if you were to keep it in a storage unit.

Whichever your reasons may be, we seek to fill you in on the specifics and the benefits of this service designed to make your life convenient.

Things you must do before storing your car in a storage unit

Your car is your prized possession. Naturally, you cannot wake up morning only to randomly decide to stash your car away in a storage facility. It does not work like that (Fortunately or unfortunately, you can decide!). As it is with all other things, this takes some prepping and time because it is all about getting your car ready in type for storage.

There is not one but many things to divert your attention to before you decide on this service. Here are some points we thought are vital for you to consider.

Cover your car

You might be wondering whether this is mandatory since you plan to keep your car in storage anyway. Well yes and no.

If you are putting your car in short-term storage for a couple of days or hours, chances are you might opt for the outdoor option (Indoors is also an option). Either way, your car will be exposed to external factors such as dust and extreme weather conditions depending on where you are located.

If you are choosing the outdoor option, keeping your car covered will help protect it from these unforeseeable weather conditions. Your car will be kept stable and protected. Thank us later, since you will avoid those unexpected (unpleasant) surprises by the time you have access to your vehicle. You will return to a nice dry and clean vehicle, it does not get better than this.

Clean your car

Paintwork can be a piece of work, can it not? This is why you must ensure you give your vehicle a nice wash prior to placing it in storage. Dust particles, bird droppings, and any other nasties are capable of conveniently damaging a car’s paintwork. Wheels, fenders, vipers – everything must be given a nice wash and the mud, or grease must go. Maybe do your car a favor and apply a generous coating of wax in advance, for an extra layer of protection.

Oil change

Are you planning on keeping your car in storage for a prolonged period of time? Let’s say for over a month? Then you might want to consider getting an oil change. Oil is often said to contain contaminants that are capable of damaging the vehicle in the long run.

This step can however be overlooked if you have planned to keep your car in storage for a short period of time – approximately two weeks or less.

Charging it

If your car is left dormant for too long, it will lose charge eventually and this is bound to happen – so don’t be surprised. However, we have good news for you. Most storage unit providers offer you the perk of starting your car for you while you are away. Of course, keep in mind that this becomes an issue if you are keeping your car in a storage unit for long-term storage in Dubai.

It is important to give your car a start every now and then, let’s say every two weeks or so for a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes. Now you might wonder what it would even do. It essentially enables the battery of your car to maintain its charge as well as the consistent lubrication of the components of your car. Keeping the air conditioner of your car will help refresh and keep those parts in order as well.

Inflate the tires

To repeat, your car will be left dormant for an extended period of time. So maintaining the pressure of your tires according to the recommended value is important to ensure the tires are kept in top condition.

When your vehicle is left dormant, the tires often bear the weight. It might be fine for a couple of days but it is not great in the long run since the weight contributes to the development of a flat spot in your tires,

Imagine having to return to a car with inflated tires? Not great since you will now have to return home not in your car, but in an uber. That has got inconvenience written all over it.

Keeping it pest-free

Do a thorough analysis of your car to find any critters or pests. Cars are the best and the most comfortable spot for pests since it is nice and warm with adequate carpeting and oh- the hiding spots. Know how we meet car owners who are super particular and strict about eating in their cars? Well, this is exactly why, and as annoying as it may sound, they kinda do have a point.

Those tiny crumbles of food attract pests and tiny insects and vehicles are basically a safe haven for them. So it would be a good idea to clean the interior of your vehicle before you store it in a storage unit in Dubai. Imagine an entire storage facility getting infected by pests and that too originating from your vehicle? Not a great feeling, trust us.

So ensure that all gaps, pipes, and intakes are covered. Leave no gap uncovered! A small tip would be the usage of cotton swabs lathered in maybe a strong ointment such as peppermint oil.

Worst-case scenario, if you have encountered a rodent situation, maybe surround the vehicle with mouse traps in case you want to be extra precautions before you keep your car in storage.

Brakes of your car

Another downside of keeping your car in storage or dormant is that it will have an effect on the brakes of your car. It might even cause the rusting of the brakes. They say elements such as moisture might cause the brake pads to rust and corrode the way they do.

Engage the brakes, if you are keeping your car in storage for a long time. Also maybe prepare the brakes for what is to come, by placing chocks or blocks to support the wheels.


Now unforeseen circumstances are quite common. Especially when it comes to vehicles, you just never know what is to come. You spend exorbitantly to purchase your precious vehicle, so it only makes sense to insure it before you keep it in storage. Yes, it is true, most storage companies do offer in-house solutions for insurance. This comes as a part of their packages. However, you may consider your own third-party policies if you are unhappy with what is being offered to you.